This website is OUR STORY from the past few years related to our Challenges and Blessings.

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Fantastic Tips About The World Of IPads

IPadis are , impressive that is fragile little products. They provide such exceptional electricity in a , light-frame that is small. Just how can one-make their iPad as helpful as you are able to? Whilst the advice underneath is really a few of the best obtainable, thus continue reading to find out more, nicely, this […]

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My Visit to Heaven

Savior hug

I feel nervous writing these things down because words just don’t seem to capture the magnitude of what I experienced the other night. So please make sure you are in a good place and that you can feel the spirit before you read further… This comes from my journal.  Wow last night! I had the […]

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3 Roles in Life

Delegation and hand off the baton

There are three roles in life. Producer, Manager and leader. My buddy Johnny introduced me to a book by Stephen R. Covey and Truman G. Madsen that had some great insight. For example a child who cleans his room or a parent that does the dishes, takes out the trash or puts the baby to […]

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I AM Statements

Moses burning bush photo

I want to fully capture what I’ve just learned recently from Jessica Drollette and Naomi Thomas so that it will become an Anchor for me in the future. When Moses was alone in the wilderness and just encountered the burning bush which was actually the Spirit of the Lord. It was a very intimate conversation and was told […]

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4 Levels of Time Management

time management pic 1

The 4 Levels of Time Management My buddy sent this article that I thought was cool!  There are 4 levels or tiers to time management. All of us coming into this world begin at the first level. As we learn through experience and as we grow, we can move up and operate at higher levels. […]

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Touch of the Master’s Hand

Touch of the Masters Hand aucioner play

Watch the following video even if you’ve seen it before. Now think about the different meanings and layers of this film. Take a moment and let it really sink in. At the beginning the auctioneer didn’t want to show the violin. Isn’t there anything else he said? He didn’t understand violins nor value them in […]

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How I met Johnny

Man on Bench Johnny

February 6th of 2015 I went to the Idaho Falls temple out of pure frustration and wasn’t going to leave until I got an answer for what it was HF (Heavenly Father) wanted me to do with my life. I kept just hitting road block after road block. So I set off to figure it […]

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Truth will Set you Free

Trapped in a lie

Conversation with Johnny Now here’s were I’ve got to real you in Ren. Your not linear anymore. Now you’re a circle. So we are going to repeatedly hit these 3 steps over and over again. It’s not like we hit 1 and then 2 and hit 3 and we are done. There might be 3 […]

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Stop Holding your Breath!

Childs prayer

The following is from my journal reflecting on some past experiences.  Like Victor Frankl who survived the Nazi concentration camp in 1942 to 1945 and who stood back and looked at what he was experiencing as an observer. This is what I’ve tried to do in a way with our trials. Why do I feel […]

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It all came down to Our Relationship

Our Wedding

Here’s a Re-cap of some of the events that happened with Hiedi and I in our past. Our Trail started March of 2008 when the economy changed. So for over 7 years Hieid and I have been working on our relationship. Read it again HERE! It all came down to my relationship with Hiedi. Nothing […]

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