This website is OUR STORY from the past few years related to our Challenges and Blessings.

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Receive a Fulness

sunrise light

I have learned so much lately that I wanted to share. These are foundational principles that have helped everything else make more sense to me. For the full audio Click Here. The following are notes from my journal: You can’t worship properly what you don’t know. In the King Follett Sermon, given April 2, 1844 […]

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The King Follett Sermon


From my Journal: I was listening to some audio the other day and it talked about The King Follett Sermon so I looked it up on lds.org and Wow! What a profound profound document from Joseph Smith. I can almost sense his frustration and he’s in a sense calling everyone on. I get the impression […]

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Parable of the Advanced Placement Student


I used to feel like I was on this island of seeking further “Light and Knowledge“. I could only see two groups. Rigid rule followers. The mud flingers looking for an excuse. My good friend Mike Stroud showed me the following parable about the advanced placement student that paints a perfect picture of how I sometimes […]

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Unearned Increment

Wheat from the tares

When King Benjamin was speaking to the people. They all prostrated themselves on the ground and cried out to God because they became aware of their nothingness. They Realized that everything comes from God and that they were lower than the dust of the earth. “O how great is the nothingness of the children of […]

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Work we Must, but the Lunch is Free

Boy carrying books

My good friend Mike Stroud told me about an amazing paper written by Hugh Nibley April 20, 1982 titled: Work we Must, but the Lunch is Free I felt the spirit really strong and tears came to my eyes when I read the story about the two Employers. This is the answer I’ve been searching for […]

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Logical verses Truth

Hammer and Screw

I was on the mountain this morning and HF (Heavenly Father) taught me some amazing things that I wrote in my journal. “Ren, look at the facts of every situation. The facts will tell you the truth” When a person goes to medical school the entrance exam is the MCAT. When a person goes to […]

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Where’s the MEAT?


From my journal this morning on the mountain. Russell M. Nelson said: “You have as much access to the mind and will of the Lord for your own life as we apostles do for his church” But sometimes in the past I’ve deflected this responsibility to others and not myself rather than going straight to […]

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The other day I listened to this audio titled: The Remnant which was very profound to me. At the beginning of this audio the author Mike Stroud talked about the last audio he did titled  Neutralized. He said some things about this audio that I felt I should hear. I felt the spirit very strong […]

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The Remnant


Wow I just listened to a very profound podcast titled The Remnant by Mike Stroud. There were certain parts that took my breath away and I felt the spirit very strong so I transcribed the audio into text with some of the things that stood out to me. Remember: It’s not all or nothing. Take […]

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Protected: Calling All Warrior Angels


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