A HOME is just a home

October 19, 2012

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A HOME is just a Home

Hiedi and I were talking about the last home that we owned in Utah. It was our dream home. We designed and built it perfectly. It had:

  • 7 bedrooms
  • 3 baths
  • 2 kitchens
  • 3 car garage
  • 2 acres of land
  • All top-notch finishes (stainless steel appliances, surround sound etc…).

We thought we had arrived but didn’t realize how much time it took to maintain it all. Instead of spending time with our children. We cleaned & re-decorated our home and washed finger prints off our stainless steel fridge.

The last day I was at our home it was snowing. I vacuumed it out and cleaned it for who ever ended up with it. Then I knelt and prayed in the front room by the deck.

With tears running down my face I asked my heavenly father to take care of this home. To get it to someone who needed it. To protect it and watch over it. My tears weren’t so much because we lost our home but that the new owners would be blessed. That their children would be happy. That the spirit would be in the home. That they would have good memories.

Then I thought…

What was it about that home that drove the spirit out while we lived there?

Back in college I owned a used 1985 Subaru wagon. My friends and I had so much fun in it.

My one friend I’ll call him Mike had a new Toyota Four runner. It was perfect in every way. Mike loved this car. Every spare moment you could see him cleaning and waxing his car while we were out playing.

Spring break came and everyone was off to play in large groups of friends.

Mike had only a couple of close friends. They drove in his perfect car to his parent’s perfect condo in St George.

  • They ate perfect meals.
  • They did perfect activities.
  • Don’t use those dishes.
  • Don’t eat in my car.
  • Don’t go in that room. It’s off limits.
  • Don’t play the pool table. It’s just reserved for my Dad.
  • Don’t where your shoes on the carpet.
  • Don’t be loud the neighbors will complain.
  • Don’t play that kind of music.
  • Don’t park in the driveway if your car leaks oil.
  • Don’t jump in the pool. Only swim.
  • Only 3 are allowed in the Hot tub at a time.
  • Don’t sleep on the couch only the bed.

I want to keep it perfect Mike would say.

We on the other hand crammed as many dudes as we could fit in my Subaru. There were no rules. Just have fun. We then met up with a bunch of other friends in California where we crammed 15 people into a 1 room hotel. No one had much money we were college kids but no one really cared. We just had a great time enjoying all that was around us. We ate microwave burritos and got dirty at the beach. Everyone and anyone were invited to join in. We were respectful yet still had fun!

Many times in my life I’ve thought.

Man, Mike is so lucky! He’s so much more blessed than I am. Look at all the great things he has. He has the state of the art of everything. It’s not fair.

But later in life I discovered the true definition of what a blessing truly is. I’m not saying one is better than the other.

I just realize now how truly blessed I’ve been.

I think this is one reason why Hiedi and I struggled with our home in Utah. It was more than just a roof over our heads. We wanted to keep it perfect and because of this everything else suffered.

I think of the scripture:

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6:21)


By their fruits ye shall know them.

Does this mean a nice home and car is bad? NO.

I know many people who have nice things that serve them and not the other away around.

All the Best!

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