The Immovable Lighthouse

April 24, 2012

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The Immovable Lighthouse

Today I thought of a light house story I heard when I was young.

It was a dark stormy night and a boat was approaching another.  He kept telling the so-called boat to move that he was in the wrong place and he had no choice but to change direction.

After much conflict the captain finally realized he was arguing with a lighthouse.  So the lighthouse stood still and continued to show light and be a constant, no matter the storm raging round about.

What a good example when a conflict happens if only we could not question who we are and the decisions we have made we could stand tall, continue to show our light and most of all not move.  I am sure when the captain realized who he was dealing with he sailed right on by, the storm ended and the sun came out the next day.

All the Best!

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