Where is my Baseline?

November 20, 2012

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Where is my Baseline?

Recently I’ve learned the concept of a baseline. Let’s take two children Sarah and Jessica.

Sarah is given anything money can buy and doesn’t work for a thing. She’s an only child. She has her own room. She goes on elaborate vacations etc…

Jessica is the oldest of 5 children. She shares her room with her sister. She does jobs around the house. She goes camping every summer for vacation etc…

Sarah’s baseline is much higher then Jessica’s.

Sarah needs more to reach her baseline. Sarah is not content nor happy with the activities that Jessica does because it’s below her baseline.

This baseline concept works on many things.

For example:

If I’m use to driving a luxury car it would be more difficult for me to go back to driving a minivan.

A Minivan would no longer satisfy my vehicle need.

Same with a Home, Vacations, Cloths, Food etc….

I had friends when I was younger whose baselines were so high that they couldn’t enjoy activities like roughing it in the dirt on a scout camping trip or a Pioneer Trek with our church.

This was miserable for them when others there very same age had fun and made memories of a lifetime.

What is a good Baseline?

My goal as a parent is for my children’s baseline to be low in order for them to have fun in ALL Aspects of Life:

From Camping in the woods without a shower to a Cruise.

From sharing a room with a Sister to sharing a room with a Roommate and then a Husband.

From Instant Gratification to Patience.

From Working Hard to Vacations

From Trials to Blessings.

I think this will help them be well rounded in all areas of their life and be happy despite any kind of circumstances.

Dr Phil once said in a sense:

To set your threshold of what is acceptable for your children low knowing that they’ll go over it a little. If you set it to high there’s no wiggle room.

I also think where you live can determine your baseline. This is one of many reason’s why Hiedi and I love Idaho so much. People that live in Idaho’s have a much lower basline then in other places. Where you live has a huge effect.

One reason people have Substance Abuse problems is because their baseline is so high.

It’s not fun just to do something simple with friends. This doesn’t satisfy or hit their baseline until they add Alcohol or Drugs to it.

Then when certain drugs don’t cut it then what?

This is why having a balance in life is so important.

How do you know if I’m off?

Victim Mentality – Everything around me is caused by other people. It’s not my fault.

Normal Life – If I’m not happy with regular normal day to day life.

Expectations in life – If I feel picked on thinking everyone else’s life is better then mine.

Entitled Mentality– I will feel like I deserve something better not based on anything I did.

Example: A son who’s father is wealthy. The son feels entitled to this wealth not because of anything he did.

I believe money is a tool for my basic needs in life. Any access is a tool to help inspire other people. When money becomes more then this it’s a problem. Everything comes from God and If I start to get this MINE mentality I need to look in the mirror.

More Reading: Unearned Increment

How do I manage your Baseline?

I think one way is with Goals and Dreams. I’ve found a VISION BOARD to help me find and keep that balance in my life.

One of my favorite talks about Vision is by Dallin H. Oaks April 2011. He said:

When we have a VISION of what we can become our Desire and our Power to Act Increase Enormously!

If our Righteous Desires are sufficiently Intent. It will motivate us to Cut and Carve ourselves Free(Aaron Ralston – Cut his arm off with a dull knife to free himself from a boulder).

DESIRE dictates are priorities our PRIORITIES shape our CHOICES. Our Choices Determine our ACTIONS.


All the Best!

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