Branding Cattle

April 15, 2014

Ren and Hiedi

I love living in a small town!

Family Pic on the Ranch

Saturday our family went to a ranch and helpedour friends brand the new calves and give them shots so they can grow healthy and strong.

Branding the Cattle

They brand the cattle so that they can tell who’s cattle belong to who. In the spring all the ranchers release their cattle in the mountains to graze.

They then grow hay on their farm land that they then store and use to feed the cows through the winter.

The two girls on the left are our girls. Liv (9) and Alex (13).

Girls on the Ranch

Crue (6) is the one to the left in the camo.

Crue and the boys

It’s kind of cool to see behind the scene how it all is done. I just take for granite when I buy meat at the grocery store and just expect it to magically be there.

I’m grateful we have ranchers and farmers that work long hours to put food on our table.

Here’s a video clip of the cowboys rounding up the cattle.

All these tough cowboys road in on the round up and then it was pretty cute. We saw Liv’s friend Ryley ride up with her Dad and Grandpa on her own horse named Heidi which kind of ironic.

Ryley on Her Horse Heidi

She had her pink chaps on all decked out in her cowgirl gear helping them bring the cattle in.

Crue on Heidi

Ryley then took all the kids on a ride on her horse around the farm. It sure beats going to the fair and having the kids ride a horse around in a circle.

Here’s another video clip of us branding the cattle.

Oh ya and here’s the fish Hiedi caught 30 minutes before we got to the ranch. It’s the biggest one this season! Liv and Max wanted to hold it. It broke off the line right when she got it in to the shore.

Hiedi's Big Fish

 All the Best!

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