Divine Roots

November 16, 2012

Ren and Hiedi

Divine Roots

I’m technically apart of my Father in heaven because I’m his offspring. I didn’t come ultimately from any other source but from him.

This makes me feel good to know I come from this Divine Origin. Not some random event. I experience this in a small way with my own children and Family.

So then I think if I accomplished EVERYTHING I ever wanted to do in life.

Then what?

Here’s the secret…

Help others get there as well especially my children which then adds to my life and makes me happy.

I’ve seen movie stars and celebrities that have everything money can buy but their not happy.


Because they continue to try to feed their own appetites that never get full. They never feel complete.

The secret is that if they started to help others (outside the lime light) to get where they are. This is where they would find the happiness they’re seeking.

When I lose myself in service is actually where I find myself. This is Gods mission. He doesn’t need anything but for us to become like him and find happiness.

When a tree stops producing seeds or offspring it dies. Same thing applies to me. This is why having a family is so important.

I have children that have children and so forth. It changes from MY GOALS and dreams to helping THEM reach theirs.

It’s Beautiful!!

Heavenly father (HF) set it up with all kinds of contingencies to wake us up and if we don’t get their in this life there’s always the next.

I think there are many spirits in the next life that are in limbo without any progression until the ordinances are done for them to move on. This is why the TEMPLE is so important.

This is what Catholics call purgatory or a type of internal (not eternal) hell until we finally like Phil Connors in the Movie Groundhog day change our lives around and think about others rather than ourselves which is the key to unlock the door to the other side to Paradise that was their all along.

This is a concept I havent understood until recently. We aren’t officially judged until after the 2nd coming which is way in the future.

I truly believe that anyone that has the desire for heaven will have the opportunity but if they don’t it will be by their own free will and choice. They will end up exactly where they feel comfortable in a beautiful home perfect for them.

In a sense they’ll be large homes and small homes but all will be beautiful just like it says in the book The Mansion by Henry Van Dyke.

When the Savior died on the cross his spirit went somewhere for 3 days because on the 3rd day when his body was resurrected. Mary went to touch him and he said.

“Touch me not for I have not yet ascended to my father which art in heaven”.

So where was his spirit for 3 days?

It’s pretty cool when you really think about it.

The atonement allows for us to learn good from bad through our experiences through our sins.

How do you know Warmth if you’ve never been Cold?

How do you know Sweet if you’ve never had Bitter?

How do you know Love if you’ve never experienced Hate?

 Earth is a huge playground where we learn and grow from each other and with all playgrounds people get hurt and feel pain but it’s how we learn and grow. A playground does no good unless you play on it.

The Pre-existence was the Text Book learning.

Earth is the Laboratory where everyone is tested to see where we really stand.

It’s one thing to say you’re Honest but until your face a challenge to be Honest it’s just words in a text-book.

It’s one thing to say your Compassionate but until you’re brought to the edge with others by Showing Compassion its nothing but words.

I know this based on my own experiences.

All the Best!

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