Empty Candy Wrappers

May 1, 2012

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Empty Candy Wrappers

What’s the difference between a Broken Heart & Contrite Spirit and Giving Up & Lack of Faith?

How do I be SELFLESS yet not let people walk all over me?

How do I except the will of my Father in Heaven yet continue to do everything within my power to TRY if ultimately it’s God’s will?

I’ve had more then a Dozen Opportunities to provide for my family in the last 4 years that just didn’t work out.

WHY ???

Do I just stop trying? The result would have been the same


Isn’t life all about Experiences? It’s true. It’s better to have loved and lost then to have not loved at all.

Do I want my life to be perfectly set in stone?

How would I learn?

Would I be happy or just bored?

Would I grow?

 What if everyday was like Disneyland? After a while it would GET OLD.

I think about people who just PLAY their whole life with NO RESPONSIBILITY or FAMILY. I’m sure its fun for a while but towards the end of their life.

What do they have to show for it but a bunch of Empty Candy Wrappers?


Whether they existed here or not didn’t matter.

For true and lasting HAPPINESS I think:

Phase 1 – is to get MARRIED.

Phase 2 – is have a FAMILY.

Phase 3 – is to HELP OTHERS.

 Is it easy? No but it is WORTH IT.

All the Best!

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