Remove All Expectations in Life

November 1, 2012

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A while back our oldest daughter Lucky (that’s her nick name) was all upset about Halloween. She didn’t know which end was up. She’s in that tween stage where she’s not a teenager but also not a kid. She’s just in between.

Hiedi and I tried to help her with different costumes and calling various friends. Nothing we did helped.

Do you want to be a witch? I don’t know she’d say.

Do you want to be a punk rocker? I don’t know.

Do you want to tricky or treat with your cousin? I don’t know.

Do you want to skip tricker treat this year? I don’t know.

Expectations in Life Aren’t Real

I finally realized that it had nothing to do with the costume, friends or a party but with her expectations in life that weren’t real.

She thought that everyone out there was having some huge amazing party without her and she was missing out.

Expectations in Life






In a panic Lucky finally got a hold of her friend I’ll call her Kelly to see what the plan was. Where’s the party she thought? Kelly’s response was:

 oh I’m just baby sitting my sisters. We might go out tricker treating a little later.

Luck thought, that’s crazy isn’t there some kind of party I’m missing out on. I thought all my friends where doing something way cooler then what I’m doing.

I’ve been so nervous about everything:

How does my costume look?

Is it cool enough?

Do I look silly?

What if no one else dresses up?

 All this worry for nothing. Once she realized this and took down her expectations in life she actually had fun!

Expectations in Life

Once she realized that her expectations weren’t true. She was able to relax. No one was having a party without her. Her friends were just hanging out with their family doing simple Halloween things.

Expecations in Life that made me think.

Expectations In Life

How many times do I look around at other people and think.

Everyone is having a party but me.

Everyone else seems to be happy but me.

Everyone else has a nicer car then me.

Everyone else’s kids listen way better than ours.

Everyone else goes on way better vacations.

Everyone else doesn’t have struggles like me.

Everyone else seems to have everything but me.

But when I really look around with my HEART I realize that everyone is dealing with their own challenges. No one is better off then me.

Those that seem to be happier are not happy based on their circumstances but on their ATTITUDE.

So when I finally remove all my false expectations about life and just relax is when I find Peace.

Expectations In Life

I finally realize that no one is having a party without me and to just enjoy the tender moments currently in my life.

I’ll even go a step further with my Expectation in Life

Most the time when I’m envious of someone else. After I get the entire picture. I’m so very grateful for my own life and my own challenges.

All the Best!

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