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January 22, 2013

Ren Posts

Hiedi brought up a great point this morning. The Proclamation to the World on the family gives specific details on what the mans role is and the women role in the family.

Each partner in our marriage has a spiritual job description. I think of a bridge with 2 posts holding it up on both sides. When 1 of the pillars moves or is removed the entire structure falls down.

Bridge with 2 Pillars






The problem is when the husband has challenges with providing for the family sometimes the wife get’s frustrated with the husband and says fine I’ll do it.

So she leaves her post and tries to take over and do the husband’s job and the family suffers rather than supporting her husband and remain at her post.

Now I realize that every family is unique with different circumstances. This is just some of the struggles we personally had.

Find Your Voice with your Career

A while back I was applying for a job that I wasn’t qualified for. So I embellished the truth (lied) so that I could get the job. I even sent the application in which I’m ashamed to say but my heart kept working on me. The thought that I had was

 “OK, is this how you really want to be blessed? This is you’re doing not mine”.

I felt like I was being told that I was selling myself short. I could only be blessed according to my faithfulness and if this was the path I was going to go down I was on my own.

So finally after talking with Hiedi (she’s much better than me) I re-submitted the application with the truth of my qualifications and I didn’t get the Job.

Find Your Voice and Don’t sale yourself short

Here’s my point.

I could have sold myself short because the stress was almost overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in a shelter when all around you is nothing but storms.

Sometimes I think I can’t take this anymore and I want to just run.

But if I just hang tight and remain at my post. The Storms will pass and Heavenly Father (HF) will bless me by remaining faithful to the direction he has given.

Find Your Voice from the Master

I think about how the elite Arabian horses are Chosen.

The master trains the horse with certain commands to go, to  stop, to gallop, to turn, to jump etc… All of the horses are able to learn and follow these commands.

Arabian Horse






Then the ultimate test happens.

The Master removes the food and lets the horse get hungry. He then puts the food at the other end of the stable and then lets the horse out of the stall. The horse is so hungry that it starts to run for the food at the other end.

The master then calls out to the horse to halt. Those horses that stop and listen to the Master are the elite. Those that ignore the master aren’t. The master doesn’t scold the ones that don’t follow. He just lets them get the food.

The best part is that the elite horse that listens and follows the instructions of the master get food shortly after but also get rewarded beyond anything they could have imagined. They are treated like royalty like kings and queens.

The other horses are not punished but never go to that other level. They become the work horses.

I also think of the talk by Uchtdorf about Patience.

Where a study was done with children and marshmallows. 1 marshmallow was placed in front of the child. They were given a choice.

Study with Marshmellows




They could either eat the marshmallow now or wait 10 minutes and they would be given 2 marshmallows.

Some of the children ate the marshmallow right away. The elite children waited even though it was hard.

Study with Marshmellows





At stake conference last week they said something similar.

It’s easy to go with the flow of the world and just give in to temptation. It’s hard to say NO! The strong ones are the ones that stand strong and don’t give in right in the middle of the battle field called temptation. These are the elite ones.

I think about the final judgment.

I am told in the scriptures that I will acknowledge that God was just and fair. No excuse will carry any kind of weight. We will know that we had it within us to continue forward.

That it was nobodies choice but ours to not. Nobody forced us to go a different way. It was our free agency. We chose how to react. We chose what path to take.

In the book Man search for meaning.

Viktor Frankl lived for years in a concentration camp during World War II. His wife and family were killed by the Nazis. He was beaten, starved and treated like an animal. He felt like all of his freedoms were gone.

Concentration Camp
Concentration Camp







Then one day he realized the 1 freedom that no one could take from him was his freedom to choose how to react to any given situation.

His body was only a shell and could be destroyed and even killed but his soul couldn’t no matter what others did to him.

Viktor Frankl
Viktor Frankl







Ultimately it was up to him to decide how to react to it.

He couldn’t control them but he could control himself and he did. He kept his last remaining freedom to choose and went on to do great things in his life.

I think of Nelson Mandela. He was imprisoned for 27 years and later become the first black president of Africa.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela







In the scriptures it states that HF will not temp me above that which I can bare and overcome. There’s things that happen to me that are out of our control but it’s my free agency that determines how I will react to it.

No one can force me. Excuses may hold water in this world but they won’t in the next life. I will know that I could have made it through but I didn’t and there will be no one to blame but myself.

One of the biggest challenges today is the whole concept of being politically correct.

I’m so nervous to say what I really feel in fear that it’s going to come across the wrong way and offend somebody. So instead of speaking out I’m silent.

Moroni had a similar concern. His weakness was in writing and that it wouldn’t come across correctly what he was trying to say with his words. God said in sense to not worry about it. That he would make up the difference.

In a war what is the primary objective. What determines who wins and who looses?


If the enemy takes out the radios and you can’t communicate with your troop. Mass confusion happens and the enemy wins.

I think of the talk by Holland related to Find Your Voice.

He talked about the first vision with Joseph Smith.

First vision

Before this crowning event happened. Satan took hold of him with such force that he was un-able to speak. He couldn’t utter words. He couldn’t speak out.

Lucifer was scared and didn’t want Joseph Smith to speak because he knew the kind of positive effect it would have on the world.

I believe the adversary wins when we don’t speak out. When I let the world dictate how MY CHILDREN will be raised.

So my challenge to YOU is to FIND YOUR VOICE.


Find your Voice


All the Best!

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