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April 14, 2017

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Journal – April 14, 2017 (8:23 on my bike ride by the river) 

Captain Moroni was a good spiritual man but he was also ANGRY and had a temper and that’s ok. He didn’t always say the right thing like when he told the chief governor Pahoran off but his heart was right and he always tried to do what God wanted. (Alma 51:14)

Notice how Moroni wasn’t the High Priest over the church but captain over the Army. This is who you are!! You’re not so and so… Your Ren Bell and were sent here to this earth at this time with a mission to perform. 

Same thing applies to tragedies I see in families and communities.  Pahoran could have got all offended at what Moroni said.

“How dare him say that about me!! Doesn’t he know who I am?”

But he didn’t. He knew Moroni’s heart was in the right place and they ended up helping each other. (Alma 61:9)

Guess what? I’m sure Moroni was a ball of Fire! He had to be with what God commanded him to do. I’m sure he wasn’t somebody you wanted to small talk or socialize with.

He had expectations and demands and you better do it or else you’d feel his wrath but he was a Godly Man who had respect. He didn’t apologize for who he was. He was sent here with a mission to perform.

He did what God wanted him to do despite what others thought. The same thing applies to you!

Satan’s whole goal is to the de-masculate the man. To make us a bunch of wimps who can’t step sideways without getting approval from someone else.

Well it’s done! I’m a fire breathing testosterone filled Man! Who Walks Like a Man! Talks like a man! and Lives like a Man!

If the world doesn’t like it then step aside and go bother someone else. I’ve got work to do!

“Do you not like what I’m saying princess? Then you get up here and do it!!” (Phil Connors – Groundhog Day)

Sometimes God tells us to cut off Laban’s head! (1 Nephi 4:18) ‘I have not come to send peace on earth but a sword!’ (Matt 10:34)

Let stop acting like a bunch of girls and be MEN!

All the Best to you and your family!

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