Allowed to Flounder

April 12, 2012

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Allowed to Flounder

I somehow thought I could influence my heavenly father by throwing temper tantrums and putting my foot down saying

NO, I AM DONE! I wont deal with this!

hoping he would end our trial and have mercy on us.  Month after month year after year it did not come to an end.  But the mercy he extended to us was in the form of allowing us to flounder and eventually grow strong enough to endure.

Had we been set free  quickly we would have slipped back into our old habits.  A change of heart does not happen over night, in fact it has been years for us. We have fought hand over fist to be where we are at. My biggest fear is not another trial or losing our income again it is forgetting all we have learned and returning to our previous lifestyle.

All the Best!

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