January 25, 2013

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Goals I Control

Ahhh!!! I finally get it now. Goals need to be set on things I have control over. When I do this the things out of my control will automatically increase.

That’s why I get so frustrated. My goals in the past were on things out of my control.

So instead of goals of Income and actual traffic to our Internet Business. The goals now are for quantity of backlinks and hours I worked on business.

Naturally if I spend more time on building the business & quantity of backlinks the traffic and income will increase.

I can’t control when our web business takes off but I can control how much time I spend on it. I get it. Make goals on things I can control.

It’s the difference in elder’s quorum home teaching numbers (no control) and quantity of family visits (control).

If a person is out of work and looking for a job. He can’t control when he gets a job but he can control how many resumes and applications he sends out and how many hours he works on finding a job.

It’s the difference in riding on the back of 4-wheeler while someone else is driving verses me driving.

4 wheeler

Same thing with my freedom to choose. This is the greatest gift God gave to me. When someone tries to control me and take away my free agency. My spirit dies. The light within me darkens.

The same thing happens with other stuff that is not so direct. I get so frustrated when another week or month goes by and I feel like nothing has changed.

I get pretty down on myself and think what a waste.

But if I’m able to track those things that are in my control I can feel good about myself when I accomplish my goals that I have control over.

These goals are black and white. No emotion to it. I either did it or I didn’t. There facts not opinions.

When a person tries to lose weight. He tracts the facts on how many calories he ate each day. If he ate too many calories he doesn’t lose weight.


There’s no sense in getting frustrated with our perception that the weight loss should be more and going quicker.

Either he did or he didn’t.

He can’t control how many pounds he looses each week but he can control how many calories he eats each day and week.

This is the difference between feeling out of control and in complete control.

There’s no reason to get upset for things out of my control.

If another person hits my car in the parking lot while I’m shopping. Do I get mad at myself that my car got hit?

No, it wasn’t my fault.

Now if I was driving to fast in a snow storm and hit another car. Then I can get frustrated with myself but not with something out of my control.

I can’t get frustrated with myself if someone else doesn’t see things the way I see them. I can only get frustrated with things in my control. I control my emotions.

Whether I get mad or upset or happy and easy-going. Same thing with my parents. Can I control them?

No, but I can control how I treat them not how they treat each other.

I read the book the Game of Work a few years ago. It was all about making work fun like a game.

The game of work

Can you imagine watching a basketball game where nobody kept score?

Nobody would watch. It would be boring. There would be no motivation to get better or to play harder.

Same thing with work. In a game you either score a point or you don’t. There’s no point for hitting the rim. Work should be the same way.

Score Board

For example. Lets say I’m a realtor and sale homes. I have no control on how many homes I sale each month.

I can control how many people I talk to each day about selling their home.

Maybe I keep score with how many doors I knock on each day. I have complete control over this goal and by doing this sales each month out of my control with automatically increase.

Other Thoughts:

The average person lives till their 75. Now answer this question honestly.

Do you think that a person will live for 75 years on this earth and never have any heart-break, any tragedies, and any disappointments?

Has there ever been anyone that hasn’t had bad things happen to them in their live?


It’s not a matter of IF bad things will happen. It’s a matter of WHEN.

Now I know this sounds depressing but it’s not. Nobody is immune to this fact.

Everyone at some point or another will have bad things happen to them I don’t care who you are.

Even the prophet and apostles. Their not immune. No one is immune. I don’t care how much money you have or how big your house is. Bad things happen to everyone.

Next question.

So why are some people able to deal with it better than others? Do they have more money? Are they healthier? What is it?


All the Best!

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