Where is True Happiness Found?

April 19, 2012

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Where is True Happiness Found?

Growing up in the gospel I have heard countless talks, testimonies and examples of how to find happiness in the gospel.  I listened to the talk, felt good and then went on my merry little way ,trying to find happiness on my own.

I used to think I am sure those people say they are happy but are they really??

It does not appear that true fun would come from living those STANDARDS.

It is not until recently that I have had my own TESTIMONY on this.  It was the last couple of years that proved to me where true happiness comes from.

I had a check list in my head of how to be happy.  It included;

√  The right house,

√ Clothes,

√  Cars,

√  Decorations,

√  Lifestyle etc…

When I had all of these I felt like there was something not complete in my life.  So I would clean and organize more. I would change the décor and the feeling never left in fact in became worse!

We would go on vacation and I would bring a stack of books, journals and my goal was to get rid of that nagging feeling before the weekend was over.  I was going to solve my problem.


I would read and study.  But it never lasted, infact I became more frustrated because I would start one program and find another kind of like fad diets I never stuck to one method because they all fizzled.

When we moved and I LEFT IT ALL behind it felt so good to leave all the books and useless methods behind.  I took with me a small journal and a pocket sized book of mormon.  After our first stake conference in Idaho we were told promise after promise that comes from reading the Book of mormon.

I finally believed what I heard and realized if those promises were TRUE then all I need is one book.  From that day on I have not sought for solutions from any other source then the scriptures.

I found that  I was more patient with my children, I was CONTENT at night to sit and watch them play in the backyard rather then shopping and cleaning.

Ren and I are happier then we have been in the last 10 years.   It is great to have your BEST FRIEND as your husband instead of someone you share the house with.

So as I sit and see all the problems and so called solutions going on around me all I need is the gospel. In fact the more I experience in this life it only reaffirms and solidifies my desire to become more SOLID in the gospel and hold on even tighter to what feels right.

All the Best!

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