Happiness TODAY

April 16, 2012

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Happiness TODAY

What if we knew that everything we have today will make us HAPPY.

That we DON’t have to have bigger and better stuff.

That we DON’t have to lose weight or acquire a new wardrobe.

That our relationships in our family are to teach us and give us what we need.

That we have a savior that will take away all our pain and afflictions.

That right now today is right where we are supposed to be.

That it is ok to enjoy life.

That we are suppose to slow down and laugh with our children.

That we do not have to always be on guard because we know that there is a higher power watching over us.

That the neighbors that we are envious do not have anything to be jealous of at all.

That we are doing a lot better then we give ourselves credit for.

What if we saw ourselves in heavens light and realized that our lives are so much happier and abundant then we give ourselves credit for.

All the Best!

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