How to be Happy

November 27, 2012


How to be Happy

This is what I would tell my kids on how to be happy.

I don’t write this list because someone told me what to put in it. I write it because I’ve been to the other side and it’s miserable. I spent more time making excuses and justifying my actions then just doing what I know I should be doing. Talk about exhausting! So if you want true freedom and happiness not based on any kind of circumstance then follow this list. The chose is yours…

1. Divine Order – The husband is the patriarch of the home. This doesn’t mean he won’t make mistakes. He will. But as long as he is worthy and is doing his best to follow the spirit. The wife is to follow him. The wife is an equal partner. Follow the proclamation to the world fully. Don’t make up exceptions.

2. If at all possible have the wife be home with the kids while their young and when their older. Don’t have your wife work if it’s just for a higher standard of living or because she needs a break. In the proclamation to the world it says Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. This tells me that other better be close to disability or death.

3. Follow the Prophet (Black and white). Don’t justify the grey areas. Stay as far away from the edge of the cliff (R rated movies, date before 16, mission, college etc…). The adversary is so powerful! There are only a handful of things we are directed not to do and 1000’s if not millions of things we can do. So focus on the things we can do (extreme sports, guitar, rock band, travel, cliff jump, sky dive etc…). I had a HUGE misconception on what it meant to be spiritual when I was younger. I would look at those that claimed to be spiritual and I would think. “Oh man! There’s no way I want to be anything like them. But this perception was ALL WRONG. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. It’s the exact opposite. I think you can have more fun! With more people doing more things then if your not and confined to the world of supposedly being cool.

4. Read the scriptures every night as a family and study them daily on your own. It’s about being consistent not quantity. Family study may be from the kid scriptures and be less then 5 min long. Personal may only be 1 verse or 5 pages.

5. Get married in the Temple and attend the Temple at least once a month as a couple if possible.

6. Boys are to go on a mission. Girls it’s up to you.

7. Graduate from College both boys and girls.

8. Go into a field that you are passionate about not just for the money. The money will eventually come if you do this.

9. Have family night every Monday no matter what. It’s about consistency. Sometimes it’s only 10 minutes long other times longer.

10. Go on a date every Friday with your wife. Relationship as a couple is the most important. Don’t focus so much on the children that your forget to focus on your marriage.

11. Do all callings in the church well but remember a calling is temporary. Family is forever. Don’t be a Bishop that saves his ward yet looses his own family.

12.Pray as a family both morning and night. Pray as a couple both morning and night. Personal prayers both morning and night. Pray at every meal.

13. For Home teaching don’t over complicate it. Spirit of the law not the letter of the law. Many times I just bring a treat and print the 1st presidency message. This takes less then 5 minutes a month.

14. Live within your means. Only go into debt for a modest home or college. Pay cash if possible for cars. Pay your home off as soon as possible. No credit card debt.

15. Have 1 year supply of food storage and savings.

16. Go to church for 3 hours every Sunday. If you’re on vacation do your best to at least go to sacrament meeting.

17. Keep the Sabbath day holy. If you’re on vacation do your best. Spirit of the Law not letter of the law.

18. Boys do the scouting program even if you don’t like it. I read a statistic once that said that 93% of all boys that got their Eagle Scout went on missions. Put the stats in your favor.

19. Be active in the Young Men and Young Women’s programs (i.e. Duty to God program etc…). There’s a direct correlation to those that remain active on Tuesday night activities with the youth and activity in the church.

20. Graduate from seminary.

21. Get involved with extra activities in school (Plays, Sports, Dances etc…).

22. Be active. Exercise daily.

23. Learn to play an instrument preferably something that you can use throughout your life like piano, guitar etc… Playing the trumpet is cool if it’s your passion but as an adult it’s hard to find a time or place to share your talent verses other instruments that are more versatile.

24. Do the basics first and if there is time for extra things then fine but don’t have other activities take priority over the basics.

25. Carry a small journal with you and write impressions that come to you exactly when they come to you. Go direct to the source (GOD) and not others.

26. Take lots of pictures and videos. Memories are truly all we really have.

27. It’s better to do things then to have things…

28. Find joy in the journey. Live in the present. Life is a journey not a destination. Enjoy the simple things of life. Big elaborate things are great sometimes but don’t miss the little things along the way.

29. Help others less fortunate then you. This doesn’t mean you run around like a crazy person. Help those that God places on your path. Lift where you stand.

30. Follow the Holy Ghost in all that you do. This is the path of least resistance. This is greater then any of your other senses.

32. Listen to your heart (your spirit) more then your mind (your body). Your spirit existed long before coming to earth and dwelt in God’s presence. Your body has existed for only as old as you are.

33. Get your own testimony. Don’t be afraid to ask deep questions. Study it out. What do other people believe? When you get your own testimony it will carry you through challenges that will arise. When you know that GOD exists and is over every single little aspect of your life you can go through anything. It’s not to say your life will be easy but your own testimony not based on anyone else will help you understand and overcome any challenge nor matter how bleak it may look at the time.

34. It’s all about consistency and not making everything so perfect. It’s better to be consistent and do it then perfect an not do it (exercise, prayer, FHE, scripture, HT etc…). Lighting never strikes unless you’re consistent.

All the Best!

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