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August 9, 2012

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I talked with a man today who I’ve known for a long time and deeply respect I’ll call him Larry. He’s been married for over 40 years and his wife (I’ll call her Mary) wants a divorce.

Mary has become toxic towards Larry and doesn’t know which way is up in her own life. Both of them like every couple aren’t perfect and have their faults and strengths.

Larry says he’s given up on trying to figure out what it is he can do to save his marriage.

Mary says if he can’t figure it by now than it’s too late yet doesn’t know what it is herself.

Larry has the ability to climb the mountain all day long my himself but Mary doesn’t.

She has no water, no hiking shoes, if fact she can barely even walk.

She sits at the bottom of the mountain and complains to Larry the only person that she’s ever known that can help.

He tells her to get up. Stop complaining. It’s easy!

He says to her, how do you want me to help you but she doesn’t even know herself. All she knows is she tired and can’t walk anymore and Larry must be the one causing this. So Larry keeps yelling at her.

Come on GET UP!

Stop complaining!

Then all these other hikers come around and see the scene. Larry feels embarrassed and justifies to everyone why Mary isn’t hiking with him. It makes him feel a little better but it doesn’t last.

Then he get’s an idea. Instead of hitting the same key over and over expecting different results. He goes about it a different way.

He gives her Gatorade. He notices that she doesn’t have any shoes on.

So he buys her the best shoes money can buy. He notices that her muscles are frail and weak. So he get’s her some food, sits down by her side and feeds her.

Then he listens to what she has to say without interrupting because he’s strong he can take it. For the first time he begins to understand what she’s going through.

One time Joseph Smith had it out with Brigham Young. He screamed and yelled at him for something he didn’t do.

Brigham Young said nothing.

Later Joseph Smith found out that it wasn’t his fault.

He asked Brigham Young why he didn’t let him know that it wasn’t him.

Brigham Young said, “It just seemed like you needed to get it out”.

I don’t know the solution for Larry and Mary but I do know based on my own personal experiences that true happiness is not found by climbing the mountain myself but by helping others climb it with me.

All the Best!

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