I thought I hated children’s laughter, I had no idea I was just Hungry

October 9, 2012

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 I was just Hungry

I saw this commercial the other day that I thought was hilarious!

This elegantly dressed woman is at the supermarket meat counter where she takes a huge bite of a turkey drumstick.

I was just Hungry

Then she reaches into another shopper’s cart for a loaf of French bread, which she breaks over a knee and waves menacingly.

I was just Hungry

She then says.

I was just Hungry

“For years I thought I hated children’s laughter,

I had no idea — I was just hungry.”

This made me think.

How many decisions do I make when I’m just not in the right frame of mind?

How many times do I argue when I should just sleep it off?

How many times do I say hurtful things that shouldnt have been said because I’m just stressed?

How many times do I over complicate things when I should just take a break?

Lets even go DEEPER…

I thought I hated my husband! It turns out I was just tired.

I thought I should get a divorce! It turns out I just became an empty nester and the transition without kids it killing me.

Here’s the deal.

I heard a talk a while back that said. It’s hard to taste the sweet taste of a grape while your eating a jalapeno. The same thing applies to feeling the spirit and making major decisions.

Heres the video:


All the Best!

I was just Hungry

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