Where to find Happiness

November 10, 2012

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Where to find Happiness

I look around and know that I have all the tools to be happy.

When I am not happy then I feel guilty that I am not.

I know life is precious that it is short that I may have regrets and guilt when I grow older.

I know that living in the NOW is how the happy live.

So I decided today…

I will be happy just as soon as I get ALL my jobs done.

  • Diaper changes
  • Dressed the kids
  • Breakfast
  • Making beds
  • Laundry
  • Vacuuming
  • Clean bathrooms

I was done. I sat down and said OK now what?

I am all done. I can be happy now.

I didn’t feel any different in fact I felt nervous.I didn’t know what to do to be happy.

Should I paint my nails (no they will just smear)?

Should I read a book (I don’t like reading)?

So I thought…

If I had all the Assistance to do my job & take care of my kids.

What is it I would do with my life?

Would I go back to work?

Would I paint?



I then realized I am doing EXACTLY what makes me happy.

Taking care of my family cooking, laundry and cleaning.

So I then realized I had to redefine happiness.

There is the highs of highs.

When you are going on a great trip or buying something you have always wanted .

Then there is the low of lows.

When nothing is in harmony and you feel discontent in your home.

Then there is the Middle.

This is the feeling we had tonight when we had the fire on, listening to christmas music, baking pizza, watching the ball game.


This is the HAPPINESS that I want to redefine as my highs of highs.

All the Best!

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