Kids Music Recital

May 1, 2014

Ren and Hiedi

Lucky(13), Max (11) and Liv(9) had a music recital the other day. Here’s a video clip of  the duet that Lucky and Liv did together on the piano.

Here’s the video clip of Max playing the guitar.

Miss Peterson the music teacher is amazing. Her Mom and sisters are very successful musicians and give her a bad time because she only teachers music in an elementary school but what a service it is for these children.

In order to keep the older kids motivated in guitar they got to rock out to the song “Smoke on the water” by Deep Purple.

It was Awesome!!

Guitar kid rocking out

One of the boys saved his money up and bought an electric guitar that Miss Peterson didn’t want to go to waste. It was Awesome! Here’s the video clip.

Here’s the actually live version.

I used to think that if you lived in a small town that you wouldn’t have access to as many things as you do in a bigger town wich isn’t true.

Our kids are more involved than in any other place that we have lived. Our kids do volleyball, basketball, guitar and piano lessons etc… I’ve tried to wrap my hands around why this is the case.

Small town 2

I think a big reason is that there isn’t a lot extra things to do so by default everyone is just naturally more involved. If there is a football game everyone goes to it. Everyone knows all the kids that are playing.

When the girls went to state for basketball the entire town showed up to send them off to victory. The police and fire engines gave them a proper send off by blaring their sirens as the girls drove off in the school bus. It was Awesome!

All the Best!

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