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July 1, 2013


LDS Encampment

Last week I went to the encampment celebrating 100 years since the LDS church and the Boy Scouts of America’s partnership. This was one of the largest events in the history of scouting where over 10,000 boys and leaders from 4 states took part in this event from June 26 till the 29th 2013.

It was like Disneyland for scouting.








They had huge walls for rock climbing and then when you got to the top you got to take a zip line to the bottom. They also had 3 BMX bike courses, knife throwing, shot-gun shooting etc…

Encampment Zip Line










Then each night we met at the gathering area on a grassy hill where we did the flag ceremony and the pledge of allegiance. We were then entertained by great performers (Eclipse, A national Tribute to Nashville band, The Dutton family).


On the last night there was a huge firework show that was amazing! The speakers that spoke were President Beck (Young Men’s president for the entire church), Wayne Perry (National president of scouting) and President Dahlquist (former young men’s president) that I later found out is the cousin of my mother-in-law which is kind of cool.

LDS Encampment – It wasnt all fun and Games

Now it wasnt all fun and games. The boys and leaders had the opportunity to earn a new award called the Thomas S. Monson Award for passing off and committing to do certain things in life. We were the first group in the history of this award to be able to earn it.

Thomas S Monson Award






We also were given 18 playing cards that were similar to baseball cards except it had pictures of prophets on the front (i.e. Snow, Joseph Smith, Grant etc…). On the back it gave a summary of what the Prophet was known for in scouting.

You were given 18 of the same card (we were given Kimball). The object of the game was to trade 17 out of your 18 Kimball cards with other scouts so that you had a complete set. Then you received a patch when you accomplished this task. It was cool to not only learn about all these prophets but also to meet other scouts.

Here’s some highlight from the talks that stood out from my Journal.

President Monson years ago gave a talk about finishers wanted. It’s easy to start a project. The hard part is to finish it. Shall I falter or finish what God wants me to do?

Encampment 2013

Rise Up oh Men of God – Is the song that inspired the theme of the Encampment for the phrase RISE UP.

President Beck said that each of you have multiple gifts. God had done his part by giving you these gifts. You must do your part and work hard.

He didn’t do well on a Test when he was in grade school. His Mom said:

“When you’re mediocre you’re the best of the worst and the worst of the best”.

He challenged us to memorize section 13 of the Doctrine and Covenants (D&C) which is short and all about the Aaronic priesthood. It talks about being a fellow servant and that we have a responsibility. That we have keys of the ministering of Angels.

One of the highlights for the boys was getting their picture with President Beck. He shook their hands and was very down to earth. I’m on the far right with the blue bandana.

Encampment with President Beck








Then Wayne Perry talked. (National president of the Scouting)

438,000 scouts are LDS which is the biggest single partnership in scouting. He’s an owner of the Seattle Mariners pro baseball team and seems pretty successful. There was an extensive study that was recently done by the Bailer group about boys who were involved with scouting that was pretty cool.

It shows that a boy who is involved in scouting statistically will make more money, more likely graduate from college and own his own home.

I guess the thought that came to me is even if I don’t like scouting I want the stats in my favor for my children and if being involved in scouting does this then I’m on board.

When the activities of the encampment first opened some of the boys got a broken arm while riding on the BMX track. There were rumors going around that they were going to close it down but they didn’t which I’m glad of.









Then my most favorite part of ALL THE TALKS was when Brother Perry told the Doctor of the event to close his ears. He then read this quote by Baden-Powell (founder of scouting).

“You don’t bait a hook with something you like you bait it with something the fish likes”.

Then he said that the BMX track at the Jamboree in West Virginia next month was way bigger then the track had at the encampment and that the comment was made that if he was going to put in a track of this size that he’d better buy 2 x-ray machines. Then everyone in the audience was quit. Then he said:

 “So we bought 3 x-ray machines now go and have FUN!! “

All the scouts erupted with cheers. It was AWESOME!! I thought he was going to lecture the boys again but he didn’t.









He went on to say that scouting is going in different direction to become more exciting and trilling for the young men to entice him to be involved in scouting.

That they were going to make the events as safe as possible but that a broken bone is just part of life. That’s its much better to break a bone and be involved with scouting then to not be involved and on your own without any direction.

It was AWESOME!!!

Growing up I wasn’t involved in scouting much. I thought it was boring. I went to the camp outs and scout camps and the fun activities but hated earning merit badges with all the checklists. I was lucky and had a father that taught me what scouting teaches young men through merit badges.

Anyway when I heard this comment from the National President of the Scouting that they weren’t going to back down I felt like this was something I could backup and be involved in.

Then he talked about the talk by Tanner in April 1979 conference about putting on the whole armor of God on.

encampment  Whole armor of God








HF blesses us when we do what he commands us to do.

One of the scouts read a poem about the youth. David and Goliath, Joseph Smith, Joseph and the coat of many colors etc…How they were all young yet did great things.

Then President Dahlquist Talked (former Young Men’s President of the Entire Church from 2004 – 2009)

He attended a training conference for all the new mission presidents and said that mission presidents want Idaho boys because they know how to work. I also think there are fewer distractions here as well.

This is a huge reason why I love living in Idaho. I hope that some of youth today will rub off on my kids to follow in their foot steps.

President Dahlquist worked at KSL radio on a bit called the windows of your life and the end of each broadcast they would say:

 “And that’s the way it was”.

He said that this 100 year celebration was one of those windows to look back on. This is something that doesn’t happen every day.

Charles Dahlquist






He talked about 1 Nephi where Lehi was about to die. He was talking to his sons for the last time and giving them advice. Lehi said awake from a deep sleep. Arise from the dust and do what Heavenly Father (HF) wants you to do.

2006 President Hinckley in one of their meeting talked about a song that he was impressed by that he hadn’t really seen before called Rise Up oh man of God He then quoted some of the words of this song that says.

Have done with lesser things. End the land of wrong. There is also a verse not in the hymn book that president Hinckley quoted something about the church of God. Make her great.

President Dahlquist then said that if those areas (China, India etc…) that don’t currently allow missionaries opened up today. The church would need an additional 92,000 missionaries then we currently have and that it’s the children and grand children of these young men that will fill this need. So there is definitely a work to do.

Boy Scout






He then told a story about an American soldier that got injured in World War II. A Japanese soldier raised his knife to end this American soldiers life and didn’t. The soldier was later found by his platoon and his wounds were all bandaged up. There was a note from the Japanese soldier in perfect English that said. I was about to kill you but then you saluted me with 3 fingers in the Boy Scout way. The code of Samaria follow certain rules like the Knights of the Round Table. I to was a boy scout and could not kill a fellow scout. Perhaps if the circumstances were different we could have met on a different day on better terms.

President Dahlquist committed us to:

1- Do hard things. Stretch yourself.

In the church all the easy stuff has been done. The rest is a high adventure! So on a personal note. I feel like I need to get up much earlier in the morning in order to get the things done I feel like I need to do.


2- Fill your mind with Good positive thoughts.

There was this mother of the year Dadann Jacob who had her children memorize poems that even today they can still recite that are kind of funny but good. One was about tobacco how it picks your pocket and makes you stink.

There was this soldier who was in a prison camp Hatson. He was put there after World War II. He would recite Shakespeare to get through it all so that he had control of his mind and thoughts while others weren’t as fortunate.

We all got a coin to remind us of this event. In 2001 the church was going to give this coin to the men who went to war but for some reason it didn’t go out.

Keep it in your pocket. It says to put the whole armor of God on. The coin will end up going all over the world with the missions you will eventually serve. The other side of the coin talks about the priesthood of Aaron and the ministry of Angels.

Missionaries throughout the World








So Stand with ME!

Elder Ballard was asked. What is more important Duty to God or Scouting? He said it’s all the priesthood.

Honor your priesthood above all.

President Benson once said:

“Young men of the Aaronic Priesthood, you have been born at this time for a sacred and glorious purpose.

It is not by chance that you have been reserved to come to earth in this last dispensation of the fullness of times.

Your birth at this particular time was foreordained in the eternities.

You are to be the royal army of the Lord in the last days.

You are “youth of the noble birthright”.

All the Best

Ren Sign

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