I Love Fridays :)

January 10, 2013


I love fridays- noschool, sleep in, snow men and a fire. Three babies are sleeping. And the rest are having a war on the wii. Ahh now they are all awake. I wonder what is for dinner. Since there are only three places to eat out and one is closing we cook most nights. The other nights we microwave. Tonite is date night at Kens club. The best cheeseburgers anywhere. Alex gets to babysit. She can handle the kids better then I can. When we get home they are usually all in bed. That is the best 3 $ an hour we spend all week. We cant go to bed too late or we will miss out on sat morning donuts at spice of life. If I get up early enough I can get a chocolate donut which is totally worth it!


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