Lukewarm Tub

November 21, 2012

Ren and Hiedi

No Progress = Luke Warm Tub

I always read in the scriptures that if you keep my commandments you will prosper or progress in the land but if you don’t YOU WON’T.

So here’s my question?

Does Heavenly Father (HF) give me commandments that are just specific to me personally and no one else?

Commandments that are not listed specifically in the scriptures?

Commandments that are unique to ME?


  • Maybe to have another Child?
  • Maybe to serve a Mission?
  • Maybe to except a specific Calling?
  • Maybe Not to buy that Home?
  • Maybe to Move somewhere else?
  • Maybe to change Jobs?
  • Maybe Not to buy that Car?

And it’s my Free Agency whether or not I want to keep that commandment that was specifically given to me or not.

If I don’t do it. Am I breaking a commandment?


It’s as simple as that.

Nephi was commanded by HF to kill Laban so that he could get the Brass Plates (Bible).

What if he said NO?

He would have been breaking a commandment that God gave to him.


Abraham was commanded by HF to sacrifice his Son Isaac.

What if he said NO?

He would have broken a commandment that God gave to him

Nephi was commanded to Build a Ship to come to the promise land. No one else was asked to do this not even Lehi his father.

What if he said NO?

He would have broken a commandment that God gave specific to him.

What about Noah and the Ark?

What about the brother of Jared?

What about Jonah and the Whale?

What about Samuel the Lamanite?

Scripture about being Luke warm

The scripture that keeps ringing in my head is the one about the Liahona.

When Lehi’s family kept the commandments it pointed in the right direction but when they didn’t they didn’t PROGRESS.

“Therefore, as they were unfaithful they did not prosper nor PROGRESS in their journey, but were driven back, and incurred the displeasure of God upon them (Mosiah 1:17)”.

NO Progress is like being in a Luke warm Tub

Sometimes in life I feel like I’m in a luke warm tub with No Progress. I go to the same job. Watch the same TV shows. Go to the same activities. Have the same conversations year after year. I can’t tell one year apart from the other.

I basically have No Progress. I’m stagnate. I’m not moving forward.

But if I really listen to the spirit. He gives me commandments specific to me in order for me to start to progress again.

At these moments am I cursed or do I have huge trials?

Sometimes maybe to get me out of my chair but many times I’m just in LIMBO.

After I moved out of my parents home and was on my own. My progress was HUGE!

Mission, college, marriage and kids. Then I hit this plateau where progress STOPPED.

It’s like a child chasing a cat. It’s so much fun running around trying to catch it but then finally when the child catches the cat then what?

The fun’s all over. So she let’s go of the cat again and begins to chase it.

 Here’s my point:

In the past with life I was so anxious to arrive that once I did it wasn’t fun anymore but if I really listened to the spirit specifically for my family.

He was giving me direction specifically for my family that I ignored because I had finally arrived. I didn’t want to be uncomfortable. It’s tough to get out of a luke warm tub.

But what I didn’t realize is that HF was giving me a commandment specific to my family in order for us to continue to progress. To get us out of this limbo state and to eventually get us closer to Heaven on earth.

The tricky part I didn’t see before is to not compare myself to others. I have no idea what HF has told them specifically.

I’m the Patriarch of my home and can only receive direction for my family and no one else. Sometimes I go crazy comparing myself to others. I’m constantly asking myself.

Why do I have to do that when they don’t?

It’s enough to drive me crazy but when I listen to that still small voice inside me and stop looking around.

I feel peace and know that what I’m experiencing is for my good and will help me progress towards my HF.

Let’s go even deeper:

What if I had everything money could buy? What if I did nothing more in life than PLAY? I’m sure it would be fun for a while but have you ever seen a rich elderly person home ALONE in a huge mansion on Thanksgiving day? What about Christmas?

What do they have to show for their life but a bunch of Empty Candy Wrappers.

This is why it’s important to follow the spirit specific to me and no one else. There’s no cookie cutter or one size fits all approach.

It’s HF specific and unique direction for ME.


All the Best to you and your family!

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Calling on all Warrior Angels


My Pops emailed this June 12, 2017.  A quote from David Bednar  January 6, 2004 at a BYUI devotional.

‘it’s one thing to perform the outward action of obedience; it’s quite a different thing to become inwardly what the commandments are intended for to us to become…to obey the institutional, public, and shared commandments associated with the Lord’s kingdom on earth, commandments such as the law of chastity, the law of tithing, the word wisdom…

it’s even a greater thing to receive and respond to the individual, private, and personally revealed commandments that result from continual and faithful obedience to such instructions… these things that are individual private and personally revealed; typically, are proactive and anticipatory in nature.’

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