Mother’s LOVE

April 17, 2012

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Mother’s LOVE

Today is our oldest sons birthday he is 9 years old.  What a heart of gold this child has.  Time marches on it seems like yesterday I was juggling two children feeling overwhelmed.

I am also remembering that the day to day chores of babies is now what I desire and love.

I used to grumble and try to hold on to my lifestyle before children.

Now I love bathing, feeding, packing diaper bags with snacks, cleaning them up.  At the end of the day it is pretty rewarding to take a dirty little baby,  bathe, feed, put clean soft jammies, wrap them up and snuggle them in.

Before I learned to love taking care of these babies it was ALL CHORES to get them to a point where they were ok for a couple of hours and didnt need me so I could clean or do other chores.

I still get to the other chores the only difference is I truly look forward to rocking them instead of hurrying through it.  Now I rush through my chores so I can get to them.

All the Best!

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