It’s NEVER Perfect

February 5, 2013

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It’s NEVER Perfect

The one thing that keeps pecking at me over and over the past few weeks that I felt I should share is that



One huge misconception with women is they think:

“I can’t follow my husband (patriarch) because it’s not perfect.”

 Look at all his past mistakes. I can’t follow him which is incorrect.

 Think about Lehi in the scriptures. It never is perfect!


Lehi was commanded by Heavenly Father (HF) to leave Jerusalem and go into the wilderness. Then HF said go back and get the brass plates.

Was it easy?

No, they tried 3 times to get them. It was MESSY.

Then later HF told Lehi to go back and find some women so their posterity could continue. They didn’t have the perfect plan but they did go forward.

I’m sure there was arguing going on with Lehi and Sariah his wife throughout the journey.

Did Lehi wait to leave Jerusalem until he sold his land, got the brass plates and had all his sons married off?

NO, he took one step at a time and it wasn’t perfect. It never is perfect.

Think about JS and the organization of the church in the early days. It was a mess. People died. A temple was burnt to the ground.

Prominent church members left the church that actually saw angels and the gold plates. They were in huge debt. It was messy and God didn’t always come down and fix everything for them.

He made them struggle through it all. Was it perfect? No, it never is. I’m just supposed to keep going and do the best I can.

Will I make mistakes?

Yes, but it’s better to be going in the right direction then sitting back and waiting until I have the perfect plan.

This method has no progression. I’m stopped and not moving forward. It’s better to go forward and make mistakes then sit on my thumbs.

If a father is told by inspiration that his family needs to become closer. It’s now up to him to decide how he does this.

Some things he does might be more successful than others.

Does that mean he was wrong with this inspiration when some things he tries in order to become closer to his family don’t work like he had hoped?

No, he’s just trying his best with the tools he currently has to follow the spirit for his family.

I am the patriarch of the home in equal companionship with my wife once I’m married as long as I remain faithful. Does this mean I won’t make mistakes?

No I just do the best I can and constantly move forward.

Indecision is worst then being wrong because at least with a mistake I’ve found out 1 more way that doesn’t work.

With indecision you’re a Truck that is high centered on a big pile of dirt that is completely stopped and going nowhere.

High centered in mud

Sometimes in life I just wish that someone would just tell me exactly what it is I’m supposed to do. Please just make this big decision for me! But then how would I learn.

A few years ago I asked my bishop for some counsel. He gave me some direction that was great. I then said if that’s what you feel prompted to tell me then I trust you and will do it. He then got a nervous look in his eye and said.

“Just because I feel prompted to tell you certain things doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes. Take the counsel I’ve given you and follow what the spirit is specifically directing you to do”.

Is being the patriarch of my home something I chose? No. It’s by divine order. Did I choose to be a man? No, I just am.

Divine Order

Honestly sometimes I wish I didn’t have this responsibility but I do and it’s up to me in companion with my wife to live up to the covenants I’ve made to lead my family the best way I know how.

Are my children less mine because my wife gave birth to them rather than me? No. Same thing with the Priesthood and the divine order of the family unit.

All the best!

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