Pinewood Derby

April 30, 2014

Ren and Hiedi

The pinewood derby was Awesome this year. Our Cub Scout troop is so small that they had the girls from activity days do it with them so I got to help make a car for both Max (11) and Liv (9).

Pinewood Derby Max and Liv

The first two years that we made a car for Max our speed wasn’t very good but finally on the 3rd try his car was fast! It didn’t look very good so at the last-minute we decided to just race his car from last year.

Max’s car from last year is the black one with flames on the last row the 4th to the right. Liv’s is the pink one just to the right of Max’s.

Pinewood Derby Cars

Well after all the award were handled out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. We raced Max’s car that we made this year just for fun.

We were shocked because it kept beating every car down the track and never lost. Max was pretty stocked to finally have a car with speed!

Pinewood Derby Kids

Here’s one of Liv’s races. It was fast on the front end but not on the back-end. We now know what to do for next year with how we did Max’s car. Third time is the charm! Liv got an award for the most unique.

All the Best!

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