Is Pregnancy Worth It ?

April 15, 2012

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Is Pregnancy Worth It ?

Today I went to the doctor 23 weeks pregnant and all looks good.  I cant wait to go to the hospital in 4 months and see this new baby.  Even though it can be scary to deliver a baby I can not think of anything that compares to the feeling when that pink baby looks into your eyes.

At that pont you realize you would be pregnant 100 times over to get those little spirits here.  I always look forward to the day after the delivery in the hospital.  You get to sit and reap all the benefits of being pregnant sick and uncomfortable for the last 9 months.

We always have the crib set up in our room a month before my due date.  Every nite I go to bed imaging the new little one who will soon be sleeping next to us.  It never ceases to amaze me when they finally come home, how in love we are.  Even though I have only had them in my arms a day or two I cant imagine life without them and I am instantly attached.

All the Best!

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