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August 9, 2013

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In my life I’ve taken the road less traveled in everything I do. I’ve done my best to have a large impact in my career but also in my family and in the community where I live.

My strengths are in simplifying complicated information into a step by step process for the average person to understand no matter what the industry.

In the past I was able to revolutionize the Entire Construction Industry. I owned a construction and real estate company that sold and constructed 684 homes a year in multiple states with only 20 employees versus the competition at 125+ employees. We did this by the systems and software I put in place.

As you can see from my background, I have a record of consistently producing results in managing not only people, but multiple projects in the millions. I thrive on problem solving and seeking solutions.





Ambitious and innovative. Detail oriented. Communication Specialist. Technical yet able to simplify complicated information. Identifies opportunities for improvement at all levels. Highly motivated.



  • Managed over $2,200,000,000 in projects (residential, commercial and land development) with 21+ years of experience.
  • Projects include; Government, Hospitals, Schools, Fire Station, Churches, Gas Station, Hotels, Heavy Highway Construction, Office Complexes, Parks, Bridges, Underground Garages, Renovations, Additions, Retail, Tenant Finish, Design Build and so forth.
  • Helped Develop the largest urban redevelopment project in the nation consisting of 5,000 acres (7 x 7 miles) at Stapleton, Colorado. Former Site for the Denver International Airport. 30,000 new residents and 35,000 new workers.

Ren Stapleton pic


  • Connected with most major banks where I could purchase large packages of foreclosed homes (REO’s) for 93% off the value.
  • Specialized in purchasing and estimating where I got bids from hundreds of different sub-contractors. I would then partner with the best ones to build projects ranging from small homes to a $137,000,000 hospital (500,000 Square feet 190 bedrooms).

Ren Exempla Hospital


Owned a construction and real estate company that sold and constructed 684 homes a year in multiple states with only 20 employees versus the competition at 125+ employees.  We did this by creating step by step systems and using computer software for everything.


  • Scope of work / Technical writing – I created 38 set scopes of work for all the subcontractors (earthwork, foundation, framing, electrical etc…) with detailed instructions of how we expected their job to be done. This insured every bid was apples for apples but also eliminated all kinds of change orders. The competition would just get a bunch of lump sum bids for each scope.


  • Contract Administration – Negotiate, award, and administer subcontracts for all scopes of work.
  • Purchase order system so that each subcontractor got a PO that included the location, quantity, unit pricing, option upgrade, color, schedule and so forth. It eliminated the need for subs to invoice us. This increased profit by 5%+, saved 7%+ on construction costs and 30%+ overhead.


  • Unit cost pricing verses lump sum pricing – Instead of getting hundreds of lump sum quotes from our subs for each different plan or upgrade we only required 1 unit price sheet and were able to manage everything else according to the different quantities of each plan. So instead of getting a Lump Sum quote for carpet at $3,500. We got a quote for $18 a SY. It streamlined everything.


  • Scheduling – Built each home in 84 days from start to finish verses the competition that took 180 days.
  • Standardized Option and upgrades – We only had 3 pages of options and upgrades verses the competition at 30 pages. So instead of having 20 different options for a fireplace that no one ever bought. We had 3 fire place upgrades. People weren’t overwhelmed by so many choices and we ended up selling more upgrades.


  • Trained all Employees – We created a set job description for everyone we hired. We would train them step by step with exactly what we expected. If someone left for other employment it was easy to hire some new and get them up and going quickly.
  • With 684 homes a year we were dealing with $136,800,000+ (684 x $200k) a year in management.
  • Our superintendents managed up to 20 homes at a time verses the competition that could only handle 3.      


Investment Savvy

  • Created an oil investment secured by real estate assets. 70% for Oil and 30% for real estate.
  • Created a turnkey solution for raising funds for anyone interested in starting a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).
  • Owned, purchased, managed & sold multiple investment properties (multi & single family) in Colorado and Utah.


  • Wouldn’t except no for an answer, successfully got the 4-year construction management program approved at Southern Utah University.
  • Graduated (as the first) with the four year construction management degree in Dec 1998.
  • In college (1995) bought a one way ticket to Alaska. Worked on a fishing boat 16-50 hour days. Caught a ride and explored all the sites off the Alaskan highway back home to Utah.

Ren Alaska Fishing Boat

  • In college (1996) purchased a one-way ticket to Korea and Taught English for 9 months. Made over $50k cash to pay for college. Traveled to Japan, China, Thailand and Hawaii.

Ren English korea


Utah State University Associate’s—-General Studies / Business—-June 1995
Southern Utah University—-Associate’s: Construction Technology—-June 1996
Southern Utah University—-Bachelor’s: Construction Management—-Dec 1998


  • General Contractors license (B-100, Residential and Commercial)
  • Real Estate Broker’s license (Utah and Montana)


SharePoint Services, Primavera Project Management, Microsoft  project scheduling, Sure Track scheduling, Fast track scheduling, Timberline Estimating, BuilderMT, Sales 1440, Buildstar, Expedition, CMIS, ICE, Precision digitizer, Paydirt, Agtek Chief Architect, Soft Plan, Auto CAD, MS Word, Excel.


Broker / Owner (In-active) –>LIV Real Estate (Utah and Montana)—>Aug 2006 – Jan 2016
General Contractor (Qualifier)–>Universal Contracting (American Fork, UT)–>May 2012 – Jan 2015
General Contractor / Owner–>Bell Construction & Management (Syracuse, Ut)–>Aug 2006 – Apr 2013
VP of Real Estate / Partner (PPM)–>National Real Estate Recovery Partners (S.L.C., UT)–>Sept 2009-Nov 2010
VP of Real Estate / Partner (Oil / Real Estate)–>Merging Equities (Sandy, UT)–>May 2010-Jan 2011
General Contractor (Qualifier)–>CSG Workforce (Provo, UT)–>Feb 2008 – Nov 2009
Partner / Dir of Purchasing & Estimating–>TCM Inc (Pleasant Grove, UT)–>Aug 2006 – Mar 2008
Director of Purchasing & Estimating–>Destination Homes (Layton, UT)–>Jan 2004 – Sept 2006
Associate Broker–>The Franklin Group (Centerville, UT)–>Mar 2004 – Aug 2006
Associate Broker (Inactive license)–>State of Colorado–>Jan 2003- Mar 2004
Pre-Construction Manager–>M.A. Mortenson (Denver, CO)–>Feb 2002-Jan 2004
Lead Purchaser / Estimator–>Haselden Construction Inc. (Denver, CO)–>Aug 2001- Jan 2002
Project Manager (Purchaser & Estimator)–>MCC Construction Corporation (Denver, CO)–>Mar 2000 – Aug 2001
Project Manager (Purchaser & Estimator)–>Crosslands Construction Company (Denver, CO)–>Feb 1999 – Mar 2000
Superintendent / Foreman–>Various General Contractors (Logan & Cedar City, UT)–>Dec 1993 – Feb 1999


Venture Advisor–>Boy Scouts of America (Syracuse, Utah)–>Oct 2008 – Mar 2011

  • Dream job teaching 9 boys (ages 16-20) about how to become Men and reach their goals in life.

 Church Representative–>Richmond, Virginia Mission–>Nov 1991 – Dec 1993

  • Developed excellent communication and leadership skills through assisting people in need.


  • I’m the oldest of 7 children. I have been married for 18+ years, have 6 children (3 girls and 3 boys) ages 4 -15. I love being a family man. I enjoy outdoor activities (skate boarding, mountain biking, fishing, camping etc…). I play various styles of guitar, love to travel and live life to the fullest.

Ren and Hiedi FB Header


Internet Marketing Background 


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Pay-per Click Marketing (PPC)
  • Website Design
  • Content Creation and Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Video Marketing
  • Lead Generation Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • CRM (Customer Relations Management) Integration.
  • Team Building and Training
  • Budget Management
  • Project Management Methodology

Explanation: In 2008 when the economy changed I had a choice to try and swim where there was NO water or find a place where there was water for my family. So through a series of events I went into Internet Marketing.

In my former life (1993 to 2008) I owned a Construction and Real Estate company. We sold and built 684 homes a year in multiple states using technology to systematize everything. I’ve done the same thing with Internet Marketing.

Recently I worked with the #1 SEO Company in the nation out of close to 9,000 companies (refer to to further my education. Here’s the simplified version.

Phase 1 – Fortify Website

  • Keyword research. Target keywords that have the most amount of inquiries with the least amount of competition.
  • Organize website using silos to group pages or content that support each other so that all of the content is not on one level or page. It makes it confusing for Google to find a website if it’s all unorganized and lumped together.
  • Fix onsite Errors (20% of the Google formula).Correct site errors, Link detox, Site tracking, Site speed.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM). Create social network business pages (Facebook, Google+, Linked In, Twitter). There are over 40 different social networks. Then reach out and connect with like minded individual’s everyday and build your network. Let say you have 2,000+ connections. If each connection has 200 friends. You are potentially reaching an audience of 400,000 people each time you promote new content.
  • Blog Creation. This is where all the content is located and shared. It’s a subdomain of the domain. It acts like an independent website but is related to the main domain. All the SEO juice related to the content from this subdomain benefits the main domain. Links from content are shared to all social networks. So when someone comments or clicks like it benefits the blog that will then benefit your main site.
  • Content Creation (Articles, videos, images, infographics, top 10, audio etc…). Content is put in the proper format in order for Search engines to recognize it (i.e. proper amount of keywords, headers and links, picture format, video format etc…).
  • Conversion (Purchase). Make the website simple. Add the trust factor to it. People like dealing with a human and not a computer. Put a video on the home page. Add testimonials for social proof.  Let others recommend you and let them come to their own conclusion.
  • Capture leads. Make this really clear. Everyone has different ways they like to communicate. Phone number so they will call you. Capture page that get’s their contact information. Give away a free book or incentive. A button that says send an email directly to me with any questions. Purchase right from your site.
  • Focus on the Right Matrix. Most Internet Marketing companies focus on the wrong matrix which is to increase traffic. This is a byproduct but not the main focus. The main matrix to focus on is to Increase Revenue. I’d much rather have 1,000 people visit my site that are actually interested in what I do then 10,000 that just bounce off because it’s not what they are looking for.
  • Formula. If a website has 50,000 visitors per year. 2% (average) will buy what ever the website sales for a total of 1,000 purchases. If it’s done right it could be 3-5% even 10%.
  • Investment. Typically if you spend $1,000 a month / $12,000 a year on Internet Marketing. On the back end you should make $100,000 on that investment if it’s done right. That’s an 850% return. The more you invest the more you make.

Phase 2 – Content Assets (Plan, produce, publish and promote)

  • Content is king. Now it’s real simple the more quality content that is produced the more targeted traffic.
  • It’s called content asset because it continues to perform over and over again. The more you put into it the more you’ll get out of it.
  • The Life of new Contentdepreciates in value over time. The target audience will move on to other interests so continue creating great content.
  • Each additional asset elevates the importance of the other assets to which it links.
  • The impact of each asset depends on how well and often content is published and promoted.
  • Minimum is 1 piece of content per week. Ideal is 3 per week if the budget can handle it.

Phase 3 – Additional Strategies

  • Pay per click (PPC), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Email campaigns and reputation management.


SEO / PPC Tools: SEM Rush, Woo Rank, Moz, Google Analytics, Spyfu

 Keyword Tools: Google Keyword Tool (Good), Market Samurai (Better), SE Cockpit (Best)

Article Writing Services: Article Builder, Authority Content, The Leading Articles, CC articles

Other Services: SEOPressor (Google Rules), Onlywire (Auto Share), Pingler (Pings for links), Tribepro (Others Share), Woo Themes (Websites)

Content Spinners: The Best Spinner, Spin Writer, Content Boss

E-mail Auto Reponse: Get Response, Aweber

Project Management: CRM Management, Trello

Article Distribution Services: Social Adr, Seo Content Network, Social Monkee, Spin Distribute, Unique Article Wizard, Traffic Kaboom, Article Marketing Robot


Hi Logo Mine Jpeg

Internet Marketing / Owner –> High Impact Marketing (Mackay, Idaho) –> Jul 2011 – Present

Internet Marketing Consultant–>Netmark (Idaho Falls, Idaho)–>Sept 2013-Mar 2014

Internet Marketing Consultant–>Empower Network, LLC (Petersburg, Florida)–>Nov 2011-Jan 2015

Internet Marketing Consultant–>Family IQ (Rancho Santa Margarita, California)–>Aug 2011-April 2014

Internet Marketing Consultant–>My Lead System Pro (Austin, Texas)–>July 2011-July 2015



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