STEP by STEP FORMULA (Feelings Buried Alive Never Die)

September 21, 2012



1- Resolve the initial feeling of like, love, acceptance, trust of YOURSELF (page 97).

Clean the inner self first. Most people (on a subconscious level) do NOT love themselves. They do not accept themselves nor trust themselves. They don’t even like themselves. They all THINK (conscious) they do but they don’t FEEL (subconscious) it.

You can proceed much faster in ALL areas of your life if you first clean your inner self.

The Feelings that keep me from liking myself.

I choose liking myself

I feel to like myself.

I am liking myself.

The Feelings that keep me from loving myself.

I choose loving myself.

I feel love for myself.

I am loving myself.

I give myself permission to like and love myself. I feel worthy of this love.

The Feelings that keep me from accepting myself.

I choose accepting myself unconditionally.

I feel acceptance of myself.

I am accepting myself

The feelings that keep me from trusting myself.

I choose trusting myself implicitly!

I fee total faith and trust in myself.

I am trusting myself.

I am my best supporter.

2- Go through the Feelings of Failure with the script (page 99)

Spirit, please locate the origin of the feelings that cause me to continually FAIL.

I choose Succeeding

I feel Successful

I am Succeeding

I now allow myself to succeed.

I give myself permission to succeed.

I choose reprogramming myself for success.

I am succeeding in all my endeavors.

I am success!

3- Go through the Major feelings of FEAR with the script (page 107)

Anger (Replace with… Forgive, love, peaceful, calm, merciful)

Hate (forgive, account, love, peaceful, allow)

Guilt (Innocent, forgiving of self, repentant, peaceful)

Resentment (Forgive, tolerant, compliant, peaceful)

Rejection / Abandonment (Accepted, loved, cherished, favored, precious, upheld, cared for)

Need to Approval (Approval of myself, accept self, confident)

Overwhelmed Burden (Burden lifted, light, relieved, carefree)

4- Go through Co-dependency (page 131-133) and mark any that may apply and go through the script.

5- Process as many unresolved feelings as possible at this time (page 183-204). Go through the Feelings and mark down the ones that standout and run them through the script.

6- Write down ALL the people from the past that have effected you. Write all the negative feelings you’ve had toward each member of your family or anyone else. For each feeling at the end. Replace the negative with total forgiveness and unconditional love.

 More Reading: Skeletons in my Closet

EXAMPLE: Please locate the origin of the resentment I feel towards my brother, John. Or the origin of the feelings that cause me to be ticked off when he always has to be right. Then I choose releasing all past resentments toward him. I feel to release all past resentments toward him. I AM releasing all past resentments toward him. He was only reacting to a lack within himself. I understand, I feel love for him and I forgive him.

7- Go through Feelings and Beliefs that effect SUCCESS. Another condition with many people is they have been subconsciously programmed for failure. If this is a major feeling for you go through the entire script on page 205-212.

8- Memorize the Script so you can access it at anytime a negative feeling comes.


1- Recognizing your uncomfortable feelings. The minute you feel them and run it through the script. Or write it down so you won’t forget and process it later in the day.

2- Do a mental sweeping each night before you go to sleep and run it through the script.

* If you don’t know what your feeling. Spirit, please locate the origin of the feeling I’m feeling that is so uncomfortable. If the predominant trait is fear. Script fear for 30 days until it’s gone. It doesn’t have to be specific if you’re not able to find it.

* Remember you didn’t get these negative feeling overnight so there not going to disappear overnight.

* Also you were born with some of these feeling (vibrations), in which case, they have been there for a long time. From past generations. Genealogy verses Psychology.

* It’s a continual process. If you find yourself slipping back, just know there are more layers to peel way. Just focus on the feelings you wish to eliminate and continue processing them through the script.

* The void or vacuum where negative feeling have been removed. Fill it with positive things so it does come back.


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