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November 16, 2016

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First let’s look at it scientifically. Watch the following video.

  • Alpha Centauri is the closest galaxy to ours and is located 4.3 light years away.
  • It would take the space shuttle 159,960 years to reach this galaxy. 
  • Scientists estimate there are over 500 billion galaxies like ours in space.

The following are notes from my journal that have helped me. For the full audio Click Here.

I want to broaden your understanding about this world and why we are here. In the universe there are billions of galaxies and telestial worlds like this one where there are people on them.

These people are the children of the gods in the universe the children of mothers and fathers in heaven and have sent their children onto these planets to go to school.

It’s just like when we send our children out to go to school. We prepare them at home.

They learn all the lessons they can at home. And when it comes time for them to leave home and go to school, so they can further their education. It’s Just like it is in eternity.

Earth life

These worlds are in various stages of progression. Some only have two people on them. They have an Adam and Eve.

Some of these Telestial world’s have billions of people on them, and are in the end of their progression getting ready for the second coming of a Messiah.

And that Telestial world will come to end and become a Terrestrial world millennium. These children learn how to become like their parents and to inherit everything that their parents have.

There’s not a one of these mothers and fathers in heaven that did not go through this very same thing that you and I are going through. They did not get to be where they are at by any other way.

There is only one pathway to Godhood and it passes through a Telestial world somewhere.

So literally in order to get to heaven you have to pass through hell. One description of hell is a place where a devil resides.

Where are the third part that were cast out that become devils? Where are they right now? Here on earth! (Rev 12:4)

Now don’t get hung up on the word hell, because the Christian world has a different philosophy of hell than we do. Hell is a temporary place of restriction.

The only place that we find in eternity that is permanent for wickedness is a place called outer darkness. All other places are temporary.

As long as it’s before the resurrection for the dead, it’s possible for people to progress and to move from one place to another.

So we find out that this telestial world, schoolhouse a test is being administered.

Abraham 3:25

We have to get a feel for this world that we are in. Why do so-called things bad things happen to good people?

‘We will prove them with this new earth’ we’re going to provide a place for them to go to be tested…

“to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them;”

That’s the purpose of this life.

To learn in this new earth is something called Wisdom and another thing called Knowledge. Those two words Wisdom and Knowledge caused Adam and Eve to partake of the fruit and fall.


If you look at a Telestial experience, you’re in it. You are a child of a celestial mom and dad, you have heavenly parents, who have sent you away to school so that you can have experiences in adversity, opposition, and resistance.

And those experiences if properly learned and used can lead to wisdom and great knowledge.

Wisdom and knowledge are desired by the gods. Those are two things that give the heavenly mother’s and heavenly fathers power.  

*** Satan always twist the truth and adds error and lies and deception, mixed with truth. In fact Satan’s power comes from the fact that he uses partial truth. There is always a power associated with truth.

The greater the truth and the more un-adulterated, the more pure the truth, the greater the power and light. Dark power comes from knowledge that Satan has and he takes God’s truth and twists and changes it.

We need to be able to have a strong enough knowledge of revealed unadulterated truth and have a background in personal Revelation so that we can keep from being deceived by this master deceiver.

Keep in mind that this man was a very high General authority, archangel type, massive progressed knowledged person, before he comes out in rebellion against God.

If you become apathetic and say,

‘I’ve got this. Because I’m so happy with it and I don’t want anymore.’

That’s Harden your heart and God will honor that and you will not get anymore.

Sidenote: Damned means no further progression just like a damn in a river. It stops it from progressing any further.


Not everybody’s been offered the same thing, because we’re all in the school but in different grades. It’s a one-room schoolhouse called the telestial world.

You have kindergartners, first-graders, third-graders, junior high, high school and some graduate students all in the same classroom. That’s the telestial world.

Whatever it is God offers you, at whatever level you’re at, how you respond determines whether you’re going to go forward and grow in light or will go backwards and diminish until you lose what you have.

It’s all based on your choice that you make when God offers you something.And you must not be satisfied.  

Joseph Smith’s number one frustration was:

“that, what God had revealed to him and was available to every other Latter-day Saint… the majority rejected and said, “we don’t want to know“.

When Moses brought the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage. One of the first things that the Lord he wanted him was to sanctify that whole nation of people and prepare them to come up and enjoy an encounter with God.


God told Moses to bring that whole nation, that numbered in the millions of people, up to where they would have an experience in the presence of God, where God would come down from heaven, and show himself to them (Exodus 20:18-19).

God said to Moses go down to the people prepare themselves for three days. Washed their clothes, clean their bodies and on the third day I want you to bring them up to the mountain and I will come down and show myself to the congregation.

Think about it… This is an opportunity for over 1 million people to actually sees God face-to-face.

Now, God is a glorified being of light and power and glory. Whenever a being of light and power and glory comes into a telestial world it upsets nature… 

The telestial world is not the dwelling place of glorified exalted men and women. So whenever God comes down from a celestial level into a telestial world you are going to have nature react to that… in the form of earthquake, tidal waves, fire, volcano, you’re going to have a reaction.

And that’s exactly what happened.


So when God comes down the mountain, the Temple place Sinai is on fire. And the ground is shaking, and it’s thundering, and there’s lightning, and there’s fire, and it scared all those people; and they ran away and stood afar off. [Exodus 20:18-19]

And so there’s Moses standing there by himself, probably with Aaron some of the priests, and he got a million plus people who got out of there. That said, ‘Woah… we are not staying here; this is terrible. It scared them to death.’ [38:48]

So guess what happens? Moses says, ‘what are you doing?’… and the people said, ‘We are scared! You go up and talk to God and tell us what he said.’

So they rejected the invitation that God himself offered these people. As a result go down to D&C 84:19-23 [39:37]

“(19) And this greater priesthood administereth the gospel and holdeth the keys of the mysteries of the kingdom,” (that’s the Melchizedek priesthood) even keys of the knowledge of God.”

This is what God wanted to give to the whole nation. He wanted to give the Melchizedek priesthood.

“(20) Therefore in the ordinances thereof (of the Melchizedek priesthood) the power of godliness is manifested”

(21) And without the ordinances thereof, and the authority of the priesthood the power of godliness is not manifest unto men in the flesh;

(22) For without this, (the priesthood and the ordinances of the Melchizedek priesthood) no man can see the face God, even the father, and live.

Jesus laying on hands

This is what God wanted to give the children of Israel. It was the priesthood that brought them into the presence of God and redeem them from the fall.

Now look at the next verses,

“(23) this Moses plainly taught to the children of Israel in the wilderness, and sought diligently to sanctify his people that they might behold the face of God;”

“(24) But they harden their hearts and could not endure his presence; therefore the the Lord in his wrath, because his anger was kindled against them, swore that they should not enter into this rest while in the wilderness, which was the fullness of his glory.”

[25] “Therefore, he took Moses out of their midst, and the Holy Priesthood also; and the lesser priesthood continued,…”

Joseph smith pic

That’s what happened. Now look in our day. Great parallels. Joseph Smith restored a doctrine that was designed to bring the Latter-day Saints into the presence of God to behold his face.

But the Latter-day Saints as a society rejected it. 

This is why Joseph was so frustrated. So guess what happened? God took Joseph out of their midst.

He allowed Joseph to be murdered. Look at the parallels. And the program that Joseph wanted to restore was canceled out.

And the Latter-day Saints received another program in the form of an administrative organizational New Testament church, which is what we have today.

Which is wonderful. It’s true.

But Joseph had something higher in mind. But the latter-day Saints, just like the Israelites in the day of Moses, could not and would not accept it, therefore the Lord allowed something lesser to stay until the Latter-day Saints are prepared for something greater in a future day.

You see what I’m saying? Now look at this. The children of Israel said unto Moses (Exodus 20:19),

‘You go up and talk to God. We don’t want to talk to him. You go talk to him and you tell us what he says.’ 

Now what are the Latter-day Saints doing?

The latter-day Saints say, “President Monson you go talk to God and you tell us what he says.” Instead of seeking that personal audience with the Lord that he wants to give. 

We are kind of in a middle ground where we have prophets and apostles that mediate for us because we are not ready to come up and live a life that sanctifies us to the degree that we can have a personal audience with Christ and enter into his presence while in this life.

There many, many Latter-day Saints that will do nothing, will not act, but will only respond to what they’re told to do by their leaders. And if their leaders don’t tell them to do it they absolutely will not do it.

So we have a society that condemns ourselves because we’re acted upon but failed to act. (2 Nephi 2:26)

Prophets and apostles are necessary. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s church. It’s fulfilling a purpose. But the purpose is to get us to the temple. Church membership is designed to get you into the temple.

In the temple you’re initiated into something higher than membership in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Membership in the church is not even mentioned in the temple. But membership in the church is necessary in order to get into the temple.

knowledge Pic

Do you see the preparatory steps?

So the children of Israel end up with the Aaronic priesthood order, which is designed to move them through ordinances, initiations and ceremonies into something greater that eventually brings them into the presence of God while in this life and redeemed them from the fall.

But they never did do that. So the whole history of Israel is one of an Aaronic priesthood level preparatory gospel that had baptism, faith, ministry of Angels, but never ever did ever did they get to the point where you had the priesthood and the power to bring people into the presence of God.

It Never happened.

So from Moses up until Jesus Christ, you have people who never ever were able to make the step from Aaronic priesthood preparatory to Melchizedek priesthood entering God’s presence.

And even Jesus Christ was not able to bring the New Testament church, as a society to that group.


Although there were New Testament members that did raise up, enter through the veil, and become members of the church of the firstborn, and have a personal audience with Christ and the spirits of just men made perfect.

So the New Testament saints did obtain the church of the firstborn, the fullness of the gospel. They did do that, but the Old Testament people never did.

Now here’s something interesting…

In America you had an Old Testament group of people. So from 600 BC up to Christ, even though it was here in America, it’s Old Testament.


Because they’re practicing the law of Moses and doing all those things that the children of Israel were doing on Eastern side. Guess what. The American Israelites did obtain the presence of God.

So their law of Moses practice and Aaronic priesthood fulfilled its purpose and the Nephites did come up and obtained Melchizedek priesthood status, even though they practiced the law of Moses.

They said the law of Moses is dead unto us. It’s fulfilled its purpose and we were alive in Christ.

This is why the whole Nephi society was wiped out.

Because they had more given to them and sinned against the greater light than the Israelites did. This is why you have the Nephites that became extinct and completely destroyed from the earth.

Because they had too much given to them. They sinned against a greater light. And as a result there are no Nephites on the earth, and all we do is have a record of a dead people.


Because they obtained Melchizedek redemption through faith in Christ. So the law of Moses worked for them but it never worked for the children of Israel on the eastern continent. Never did!


But they wanted it to and Moses tried to but failed. Melchizedek tried and had some limited success. Enoch tried and had some pretty good success. Adam tried and failed.

So every patriarch all the way through the Old Testament tried to bring the people up to behold the face of God while they were still alive and pretty much the history of the world never achieved this level.

Now the question comes up?

How are we doing in the Latter-day Saints? Because we have the same program today. It’s still open to us. Every man, woman and individual member of the church, has the opportunity to enter into the presence of the Lord while still alive in this life.

You can have a personal audience with the Lord Jesus Christ before you die. In fact it’s desirable. The only thing that’s keeping us from doing that is what?… US.


The key is hard heart and unbelief. We just don’t think it’s possible. So were in the Position that Joseph was and the Latter-day Saints in the early days.

Don’t try to be hard on them because this is the most difficult thing to overcome in this life is this unbelief.

We read about these things happening in the Scriptures.
We believe that it happened to the brother of Jared.
We believe that happened to Moses.
We have believe that happened to Joseph.

But we just absolutely cannot see it happening to us. And that is called unbelief and that stops the whole thing.

So if you get a feeling for what this telestial world is, it’s the schoolhouse. And the purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to help us graduate from this school, to come out of this, learn the lessons, obtained a degree, and have the advantage in the world to come.


And by the way, the world to come is not celestial but terrestrial millennial. If you were to ask 100 Latter-day Saints, what is the world to come mentioned in section 130:18 &19.

Almost all of them will say ‘oh that’s the celestial kingdom’. No it is not the celestial kingdom.

Somehow, as members of the church, we totally skipped over the whole thousand-year-old world. We jumped right over it.

D&C 130:18-19.

“(18) Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection.” See what we’re doing, where trying to gain knowledge and intelligence.

“(19) And if a person gains more knowledge“... (remember what Lucifer says… you will have knowledge) “and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another,”… Watch this…

” he will have so much the advantage in the world to come.”

Most Latter-day Saints think the world to come is the celestial world. No it’s not.


You don’t go from terrestrial to celestial. You go from telestial to terrestrial to celestial, there’s a sequence here and we don’t skip the whole terrestrial world.

The terrestrial world is the millennial world and that’s the one coming. Were on the edge of moving from a telestial to a terrestrial world.

So what you’re trying to do in this life is gain an advantage from your experience here so that when we go into the terrestrial millennial world will have an advantage.

You want to seek for an advantage.

The whole name of the game is to do something that gives you an advantage in the next phase of your progression. You want to move up with advantages .. You don’t want disadvantages. 

As a matter of fact, if you’re disadvantaged, you probably won’t go there. Your advantages in the next world are based on performance here. Everything is.


There are 7 billion people on the earth currently. How many of those 7 billion people will in their lifetime have an opportunity to talk about the things we talk about here? How many? A little

You know why a little? You want to know why some will and some won’t. Because some of them come here with an advantage. And because they come with an advantage, they come into favorable contact with this information.

In other words what you did before you came here is a result of you sitting here, among other things, tonight and listening to these wonderful doctrines and principles. It is because you have an advantage over everybody else.

You have the advantage because of your diligence and obedience in the previous world.

So… basically we are advantaged… with amazing, unbelievable things, like scientists, rockets and absolutely gifted people and they develop those gifts in the world before they came here. [54:34]

The purpose for those developments of those gifts, whether science, or whether it’s social studies, or whatever it is music, or whatever is to come to this world and bless God’s others children with their achievements, with their knowledge, and with what they’ve gained.

It’s all a process of blessing God’s children.

Some people in the pre-mortal life, chose to place their emphasis in music.
Some people in the pre-mortal life chose to choose their emphasis in judicial affairs and government affairs.
Some people chose to place her emphasis in medicines and in healing in the future world.
Others chose to place her emphasis in gospel and priesthood principles and ordinances etc…

So just as we choose different things in this life, the same thing happened in the previous life. When you come here to this world you bring that with you.


And all of that helps you progress and bless all of father’s other children that are exposed to your gifts, your talents, and the knowledge and wisdom obtained from before you came here.

All ends up the blessing everybody.  But there are those that have choosing the better part. It’s Lehi that comes out and says (2 nephi 2:20),

“I have chosen the better part.”

There’s lots of good things, but Lehi chose something better.

And I would submit to you the better part has to do with priesthood, and the Holy Spirit, and the principles of the Gospels, and the knowledge of the gospel, in the mysteries of godliness. That’s the better part. Some chose that, some didn’t.

More Reading: A Higher Purpose

My purpose on this is to give us a different view of  what we’re doing here. What is to be desired for us to be accomplished while we are here so that while we move into the next phase, the world to come, we can do so with an advantage.

The purpose of the gods sending their children to this earth is not to become great musicians, marvelous mathematicians, judges and lawyers.

The purpose of sending them here is to learn to become Gods. But their children choose which direction they want to go. Some choose the better part.

One thing I learned recently (1/27/17) since I wrote the above is about the “Galactic Bulge”. Type this word into Google and see what images pop up.

This huge mass of light is the center of our milky way (100,000 light years wide). Our sun looks like a pin head next to it. You can fit 1.3 million earths in the sun to give you an idea of how large this light is.

So my questions are:  What is this light? Why is it there? What causes this light to shine? The stars above are referred to as a halo which I think is very interesting to think about.

All the Best to you and your family!

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Calling on all Warrior Angels


Abraham 3: 24-25
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