There’s NO Magic Beans

November 8, 2012

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There’s NO Magic Beans

I’ve learned a lot about Prayer lately and the Timing.

I have Expectations on WHEN and HOW things should happen and get so frustrated when it doesn’t.

Prayer is the KEY.

It’s like the book titled: All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience by Neal A. Maxwell. He says that:

Prayer is more about aligning OUR will with GOD’S will more than it is about asking for things.

I’ll be honest (no fluff)

For years I’ve prayed for financial stability. I constantly thought that just around the corner our problems would be solved but they weren’t.

Sometimes I felt like the donkey with a carrot on a pole just in front of me. Just enough to get me to move a few more feet. Many times I was just FRUSTRATED and MAD!

 God WHY are you doing this to me?

Recently I’ve found that instead of praying for financial stability.

I pray that our burden will be light.

I pray that those helping us will feel a sense of peace with what Hiedi and I are doing.

It’s been Amazing!

I was hoping it would have been solved by now so instead of getting frustrated thinking that God didn’t answer my prayers WHEN and HOW I wanted him to. I realize that everything has a reason.

This is similar to the Nephites that were in bondage to the Laminates. They asked God to free them. He said no, not now but I will make your burdens feel light.

Another Thought:

I always thought that when God answers prayers or did things it was supposed to be this HUGE MIRACULIOUS event that was clean and flawless like opening a door with the perfect key but it’s NOT.

Sometimes in order to open the door I have to bust it down or figure out another way to open it.

There’s no SILVER BULLET or MAGIC BEANS that will take all my troubles away.

Sometimes it’s a fight and God is looking to me to be a scraper and claw myself out of it.

It never looks pretty but when all 10 rounds are done if I’m still standing with God as my only witness. There’s no greater feeling.

This is where I find lasting peace and happiness despite my circumstances.

I think of the scriptures:

I have fought a good fight, I have kept the faith, I have one the prize.


Through small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

All the Best!

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