Trust the MAP

October 15, 2012

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Trust the MAP

The other day I went on a hike in the mountains.  My destination was the top of the mountain where I would be able to see clearly for miles around in every direction.  I had my map in my pocket and started on the clearly marked trail.

The sun was shining I had good snacks, lots of water and was on my way.  I could see my destination at the top and thought what a breeze I will be there in no time.

It was not long before  things started taking a turn for the worse.  Rain clouds came, my snacks and water were gone and the trail became less and less visible.

I could no longer see my destination and started to PANIC.  I pulled out my map and wondered if I could really trust the direction it was sending me.

When I started the hike I knew without a doubt the map was correct but now that I had to rely soley upon it I started to question its validity.

It was now dark the trail I was following was gone and all I had was the map.  I started with one step at a time checking landmarks and going very slow.  I soon realized the path I was on and the map were matching up.

It was not long before I came above the trees and could now see my destination.

When Ren and I started out our lives together we thought what a breeze, what is the big deal  this is easy.

It didnt take long (maybe a day or two) before we had to leave the well beaten path and follow what our heavenly father had set up for us.

We had to make decisions that were hard.

It has taken us a while to come above the clouds and start seeing clearly.  Even though we are still learning and will be the rest of our lives our faith has grown in our heavenly father and each other because our path and our map started to match up.

All the Best!

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