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November 4, 2013

Ren Posts

Awareness challenge.

For most people

1.  Awareness = Awareness

Lack of concern

2. Lack of Awareness = Lack of Concern


For an Highly sensitive Person (HSP)


1.  Awareness = Absorbing Additional Concerns

2. Lack of Awareness = Carrying Additional Concerns


Because For a HSP

Awareness = Absorption & Absorption = Carrying Additional Weight (CAW) & CAW = Carrying Additional Concerns (CAC) & Concerns = Feelings & Concerns also = Worry & so Concerns = Feeling Worried & Feeling Worried = Heavy Emotions &


The nature of our Awareness (high sensory system) = constantly feeling emotionally weighed down from the compounding effects of continually absorbing & carrying around additional concerns & burdens, that other people don’t feel.

Smiling face

Another way to put it is
CAW + CAC = Heavy Feelings & Loaded Emotions that Limit our Ability’s to do seemingly simple things.


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