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May 7, 2014

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Recently Hiedi and I went to this family event back in Utah. I had a lot of work to do and I didn’t want to go but Hiedi did. So to support her we were off.

On the way we kept stopping to discuss whether we should go or not. I didn’t feel the spirit. I was just ornery! So we just kept driving.

minivan 2

I told Hiedi. Fine I’ll go but we aren’t staying very long and as soon as it’s over we are leaving. She was kind of frustrated with my ultimatum and finally said ok I’m not going to go against my husband and we turned around and headed home but I didn’t feel better.

I thought the spirit would return but it didn’t. It was my sole decision whether we went or stayed. Hiedi wasn’t mad and wasn’t going to hold it against me if we didn’t go. So why didn’t I feel any better? The closer we got to home the yuckier I felt.

Finally I stopped the car and turned around to head back to Utah. I told Hiedi that we could do what ever she wanted to do. There was no ultimatum and instantly I felt better.

It wasn’t so much whether it was right or wrong as much as it was that we both were united in our decision. If Hiedi would have just guilted me into it. I would have complained the whole time.

If I would have force Hiedi to stay home she would have complained to me about all that we missed out on. So in order for us to feel the spirit we had to be together 100% and because of this we had a great time.

After all Eve was the one that got Adam to leave the Garden of Eden. I’m convinced Adam would still be there to this day if it wasn’t for Eve taking action. She took fate in her own hands and then later Adam was convinced that it was the right thing to do for the greater good.

Adam and Eve

Every major decision that we have made Hiedi has had to be convinced on her own. Nothing I sad or did convinced her otherwise.

Hiedi and I had this huge discussion back in Utah March 2011 for two weeks about what our next move was as a family. Hiedi was pregnant and sick and we kept hitting road block after road block in our hot sweaty room.

Drawing Board

Often times I’ve thought that it was a waste of time. We never got a permanent solution to our situation. We just kept going around and around in circles.

I almost thought it was a bust but then at the end of this whole discussion we went to Stake Conference where Elder Costa spoke with how simple he lived in Brazil. Hiedi couldn’t wait till it was over. She said I know what we are supposed to do. What I thought?

We are supposed to move to Idaho. Finally when we both came together sparks flew. Not in the way that we were expecting but they flew big time. Things just started to flow.

I sold our play set. I sold my office furniture and in a matter of 1 week we got rid of all our junk and moved. I’ve never felt more energized!

We worked around the clock and the next thing you know we were in Idaho.

Was it hard? Yes.

Was it kind of sad? Yes but I knew deep down in my soul that it was what we were suppose to do so we made it happen.

I often thought we didn’t get an answer to our prayers at that time but we did. Just not in the way we thought. I was praying for financial security and got so much more.

So I really believe deep down in my soul of souls that Hiedi and I are to be as one just like Heavenly Father (HF) and Jesus act as one. Just like the prophet and his counselors act as one. None of them would do anything contrary to the other.

Prayer is more about aligning our will with God’s will and when there are two opposing forces asking for two different things there is a stale mate and HF doesn’t know which way to bless you.

But when a couple acts as one everything starts to flow again and the blessings happen without forcing it.

Once we both decided to leave Utah we never looked back and I’ve never felt better.

Family Pic

All the Best!

Ren Sign
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