My Visit to Heaven

March 24, 2016

Ren Posts

I feel nervous writing these things down because words just don’t seem to capture the magnitude of what I experienced the other night. So please make sure you are in a good place and that you can feel the spirit before you read further…

This comes from my journal. 

Wow last night! I had the most spiritual experience of my life. As I write this my heart is still on fire.

I dreamt that I went to heaven.

I went to a room that was white. It didn’t have any windows but as I looked around I had been there before. I was filled with such emotion. This was somewhere that I was familiar with. I missed being there.

I sat down and put both hands on my head deep in thought. I felt this huge sense of responsibility and had a question I needed to ask Heavenly Father (HF) about my family.

He came in quickly. I didn’t wait long. He put his arm around my left shoulder and the Savior was sitting by him.

I was kind of babbling and emotional but quickly pulled myself together. I then asked the question…?

I started to drift a little thinking to much about the details of my question. Then I just focused in on the subject and I asked the question again with confidence. He quickly said YES. I was surprised how quick he said Yes.

Savior hug

Then I saw the Savior sitting by him. I lost my breath and tears started running down my face. I stood up and gave him a big hug and told him I was sorry for adding to his pain.

He forgave me with a smile. It was emotional but not over bearing. It was almost as if we were good. We didn’t need to have this long embrace or talk. It was like

“Ok let’s take a moment and then go back to work.”

I didn’t feel any pressure to draw it out. Ok we are good let’s go to War.

It was Awesome!

I’m noticing more then ever that I should focus on those areas and thoughts that are fueled with excitement for me. Those areas that I’m drawn to.

My role doesn’t need to be someone else’s role.

Also if I ever have this type of experience again. Remember to not focus on the details in your mind. When the spirit says to do something. Do it in the moment you feel this and just allow your mind to let it flow.

Don’t get caught up in the specific details like this world. Just let it flow how ever it’s going to flow and don’t try and force it.

From Start to finish it was quick and not a lot of fluff witch was Awesome!

Wow! I’m just sitting here in aww!!

My heart is still burning and I feel like its go time! I’ve read in the scripture and have heard of other people having these profound experiences but didn’t get it until now.

Divine Order

It’s wild but when I was with HF I felt like I was part of the family. I didn’t feel inadequate or like a step child. I felt like he was actually my Father and Jesus was actually my brother and that it was all good.

I left feeling confident in myself because I was apart of them. There was this complete acceptance that I was actually good enough.

I understood in the scriptures when it says he was caught up in the spirit. I get it now.

Some how my spirit was in Heaven and it was a happy thing. It wasn’t sad. I didn’t feel like I was walking on egg shells. I could actually be me with all my flaws and HF was good with it.

I just feel so good now and not inadequate but actually confident that I’m on the team and have been given a pretty important role.

Never forget this!

Walk with confidence with the Lord! And don’t shy away. Now go and Awake Others. You don’t need to hold your breath anymore. Just be yourself.

You cannot go there with any other mixed motive. It needs to be righteous.

How I will introduce myself in the future to certain people.

Hello, my name is Ren Bell. I work for HF in the Holy Service of JC.

How may I assist you?

(I use abbreviation out of respect for their names). I saw a lot of other things I’m not able to share at this point 3/12/16.

All the Best to you and your family!

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