When Much is Given

August 8, 2016

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When much is given much is required.

When I think of the apostles in the new testament I can only imagine what all their friends and family thought.

Your crazy!

Why would you leave your successful business and follow that man?

What are you thinking?

Apostles fishing

Even after Jesus Died on the cross. Peter went back to work on his fishing boat. Then Jesus now resurrected called them to the shore.

Jesus: Peter what are you doing?

Peter:  Well I’m providing for my family. I’m going back to work.

Jesus: After all that I’ve taught you your what? This isn’t over It’s just the beginning. Leave your nets and follow me. Don’t you realize that if I wanted fish I can get fish.

One of my Favorite Talks of all time: The first great commandment

I’ve felt like this before!! After I awoke and my heart changed forever Jan 2009.

Ok now what? I’ve still got to provide for my family yet everything is different. What used to be important in the past isn’t now.

What used to provide drive and excitement doesn’t now. Everything I used to do just seems so insignificant. So now what?

Well then came the question?

Heavenly Father (HF) what would you have me do? Use me and mold me to do your will in anyway you see fit so that my life will have the highest impact and not merely to live to just exist.

So HF what would you have me do for you to further the work?

“Ren, Tell your story and experiences on the INTERNET to help others.”

But HF how will I provide for my family? I’ll take care of that.

So what do you do with that?

When everyone around you says “You’re crazy! When everything you know in the past with how to provide for your family means nothing yet you’ve been commissioned to leave your old life and do his will but how?

This is the question I’ve asked myself for more then 8 years.

How do I provide for my family yet do what HF has asked me to do?

So my questions to you are.

Why was Nephi commanded to build the boat and not Lehi? Think about it.

What has HF asked you to do in your life?

All the Best to you and your family!

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