Chris and Susan Beesley

I just wanted to give props to Chris and Susan Beesley. I met them personally in Orlando and they have become good friends. 


All the best!




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Rob Fore and SEO

I just need to give Rob Fore props on his SEO Skills. Seriously he is the best out there!!    All the best!   Ren

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TRUTH about Michelangelo Lopez and Empower Network

Here’s a quick video on my thoughts Michelangelo Lopez and Empower Network.   All the best!   Ren

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What the …. is wrong with ME?

Drink of water with Firehose

Ok I was chatting with Chris and Susan Beesley yesterday which by the way was AWESOME!! I met them in Orlando in October. Here’s a little bit of how our conversation went. They were asking what I thought would be a good subject to talk about in an audio they are going to be doing […]

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Part of MY STORY

140425 Family Pic

Ok now this is very personal to me so please be respectful and don’t take what I’m about to say lightly. This is another part of my story. A few months after I got married March of 1998 my Dad called me and was very emotional and said: “Ren I just got Fired! After 20 […]

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Video Journal – Tour of My Office

Video Marketing 1

This in my video journal and a tour around my home office in a small town in South East Idaho. All the best! Ren Bell PS: Now if you looking for a way out CLICK HERE and watch the video. Think about it. How did you find this post? It wasn’t by accident:)    

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Internet Marketing – Traditional vs Opportunity

Internet Traffic

There are 2 sides to INTERNET MARKETING. There is the opportunity side and then there is just the Internet Marketing side for any type of business. For example: A painting company needs more business. I can help them get more business through the Internet. So if the average new job for a painter is $3,000 […]

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Internet Marketing is the Greatest INVESTMENT!

Gold 5

I just read a cool article by Sam Crowley about how he views his business as a portfolio of different investments. Each investment serves a different purpose and like any good investor diversification is the key to success. Now I’m not talking about bouncing from one opportunity to another without fully getting each new venture […]

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Here’s Great Advice About Lead Generation

lead generation 6

It can be difficult to develop high quality leads. It may start off easy enough, and then you may get stuck. It is vital to stick to your plan at all times. This article can help you to develop a great plan for success. Learn about the buying cycles related to your business when developing […]

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How to create a Custom Header Photo for FREE

Thinkline Cover Banner

Gosh I just love learning about new things on the INTERNET. In the past I’ve tried to find a header photo for my website and just kept running into challenge after challenge. I was just so frustrated! First the size wasnt right. Then I couldn’t get the words centered. I was about ready to just […]

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