People Helping People

Most of our Ancestors were Farmers. They lived off the land.

They were entrepreneurs before that word even meant anything.

They were self-sufficient.

They made their own cloths.

Built their own homes.

They cared for each other.

Maybe Willy raised cows and corn


Johnny raised Pigs and wheat.

They would then swap back and forth so each one had a variety of supplies.

Then the Industrial Revolution came.

Willy went to the city and got a job on an assembly line building Cars


Johnny got a job at a clothing store.

It ALL changed from

Providing for ourselves and helping each other


Relying on others.

Our goal in some way is to bring it back to the way it was by using the:


It’s a beautiful thing. People helping people.

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Ren and Hiedi have 6 children. They have been married for 13 years and love spending time with their family. The last few years it’s been challenging to do this because of changes in the market.

Ren has taken skills from his past and applied them to the INTERNET in order to simplify internet marketing for anyone or any company.

In the past Ren owned a Construction and Real Estate company. He sold and built numerous homes in multiple states each year.

His specialty was purchasing where he got bids from 100’s of different sub-contractors.

He would then partner with the best ones to build projects ranging from small homes to a multi-million dollar hospital.
His strengths are knowing which are the best companies to partner with and the best software to systematize everything.

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