Step 8

Article Marketing

There are dozens of different web marketing strategies and tools. Article Marketing is by far the best one for numerous reasons.

If my passion was Fishing. I would create a website all about fishing.

I would write 100’s of different articles about fishing with keywords and subjects that generate the most traffic.

  • The best places to fish.
  • Type of bait to use.
  • Types of fish
  • The different kinds of fishing poles.
  • Fly fishing strategies.
  • Bait fishing verses fly fishing.
  • Etc…

Then no matter what a person typed into Google related with fishing my website would be at the top. I would then sale fishing equipment.

Here’s where it gets cool:

350,000 people type in Fishing pole into google each month.

Let say only 5% (17,500) click on your article about fishing poles out of the 350,000.

Think about it!

That’s traffic for just 1 single Article / Keyword.

Let say you had 100 unique articles at 17,500 per month for a total of 1,750,000 unique visitors a month.

You might say who cares

Well what if you sold a product related to fishing for $1 each. Let’s say 3% (52,500) out of the 1,750,000 visitors to your site bought it.

You would make $52,500 a month on Auto-Pilot!

You could do this with anything a person is passionate about.

I have a neighbor I grew up that has a Cooking website.

She posts:

  • Recipes,
  • Cooking ideas
  • Write about healthy food
  • Party food
  • Holiday food
  • Barbecues etc…

Guess what she Sells all day long?

Cooking books, Cooking appliances, cooking equipment etc…It’s beutiful!

I have a brother-in-law that has a website about Snowboarding.

What do you think he sales? Yep, snowboards.

I have other friends that do this with:

    • Handi-Man Services.
    • Taxes
    • Real Estate
    • Books
    • Etc…

The sky is the limit!

So what is my passion? INTERNET MARKETING!!!

I believe if you can Learn how to market online it doesn’t matter what it is you do it will be SUCCESSFUL and then help others do the SAME.

Now this might look overwhelming but if you break it down into bite size pieces ANYONE can do it.


All the Best!

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