Step 2

Step 2

Build a BOAT not a Fire

Back in October of 2010 every company possible had my resume and I wasn’t having any success so I decided to go to LDS Career Services which was great!

In one of the career meetings one of theĀ Volunteers told a story about a man who had gone through their program.

He kept having this recurring dream that him and a bunch of people were stranded on a deserted island.

They kept burning the trees on the island hoping to alert a rescue boat to save them but a boat never came.

Then he finally realized they were using the wood for the wrong thing so they build a boat and rescued themselves.

Here’s what I took from it…

Sometimes God is trying to tellĀ me something different. When I’ve applied for every job out there and no one seemed to be rescuing me.

Maybe I needed to build my own boat to rescue myself. I still belief in keeping a fire burning but I also believe in looking at all the options.

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