Step 3

What are the options for making a LIVING?

Let’s back up a little from the INTERNET and first look at ALL the ways you could make a living beyond a job.

1. You can start your own Physical business. Would you realistically expect to see a profit in…

One Month?

How about One Year?

What is required?

  • $100,000+ min. Investment
  • 80+ hours work weeks.
  • In the red for 3-5 Years
  • What happen if it fails? You lose everything. Trust me I know!

2- You could start a Franchise.

What is required?

  • Subway – Initial franchise fee: $15,000… total initial investment $160,000… 8% royalty / yr on GROSS volume.
  • McDonald’s – Must have $250,000 cash on hand to apply… total initial investment between $665,000 – $ 1.2 million… 12.5% royalty fee / yr.
  • Dunkin Donuts – Start up Cost 60,000…net worth requirement is $ 1.5 M…cash liquidity requirement $750K.

3- You could Start an INTERNET Business.

What is required?

  • No large investment.
  • No brick and mortar office.
  • Work on it while you have a Job.
  • Flexibility to LIVE anywhere.
  • What if a web business fails? Big deal, start another one. All you’ve lost is a little time.
  • What is the upside? LIMITLESS!! (Web Business)


Wal-Mart in Sales recently.

What does this tell you about the INTERNET?

We’ve spent the last year finding out HOW!!

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