Step 6

Step 6

Web Business Model

In my past I owned a Construction and Real Estate company. We sold and built numerous homes in multiple states each year.

We used various TOOLS to build each project in the most productive and cost-effective ways (Computer, Truck, Nail Gun, Tape Measure, Hammer, Saw etc…).

Each TOOL did a very Specific Thing. I couldn’t build a home with just a Hammer.

I also hired various Experts to help me (Architect, Electrician, Plumbing, Mechanical etc…).

This is the same thing I do on the INTERNET but with Web Marketing Tools (Website, Backlinks, Traffic, Auto-responder, Keywords, Ads etc.)

My web business is set up like a traditional business with a physical store except with a website that is organized in a simple way with isles and products that people need.

After a customer’s cart is filled up they pay the cash register and check out. My website is set up the same way except it’s all on the INTERNET.

A few months ago I generated over 3,000 leads online in just a few days that were all looking for exactly what I do.

It was so exciting!! It was like Christmas Morning! My e-mail about crashed with all the leads coming in.

But I only made $200 of recurring monthly payments. I should have made over $1,000. I didn’t because my store (website) wasn’t set up properly.

I had no way of handling all that traffic.

In a way I had a can full of screws but no way of managing it all.

The good news was that my products were great! My marketing was great!

 My store (website) just needed to be dialed in.

 To help simplify what is needed for a web business. I’ll compare the difference between the Traditional business model and the web business one.

As you can see. My website is the FOUNDATION.

It’s the hub for everything.

It does the heavy lifting.

It directs all the traffic.

It’s my greatest asset.

My goal is to set my website up properly so that my business is AUTOMATED. Then most of my time will be spent increasing the amount of TRAFFIC in a massive way!

I’m going to own 100’s of coke machines rather than one 7-11 with all the management and overhead.

Coke Machine verses 7-11







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