Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings


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It was early in 2010...

I was jobless, broke & savings were dwindling fast.

I needed a miracle.

I remember one night putting 2 of my boys (Kayden and Camden) to bed.

I’d read them their bedtime stories and they’d fallen asleep.

As I looked at those 2 little angelic faces, I remember tears coming to my eyes as I realized that I had no idea how I was going to feed them or put clothes on their backs, let alone give them all the great things I wanted to give them.

Kneeling there beside their bed with tears streaming down my face, I did the only thing I could.

I prayed.

I needed a miracle plain and simple.

Fast forward to December of 2011.

I’m a 6 figure residual earner in the home business industry.

I’ve personally sponsored over 300 people into 2 network marketing companies in 18 months.

I have people chasing me down daily to join me in my company.

My prospects literally pay me to prospect them as I enjoy multiple magical streams of internet income.

My wife and 4 boys are well clothed, well fed and comfortable knowing we are financially secure.

AND… I work from home. WOOOO HOOOOOO! (a long time dream come true)

In short, I’m living my dream.

I absolutely LOVE helping people each day learn the skills of the home business entrepreneur, discover hidden potential, eradicate false beliefs, break through to new heights AND, as Wallace Wattles says in The Science Of Getting Rich, “Become citizens of another kingdom”.