Change the Way Life is Played!

Change the way Life if Played

I watched the movie Money Ball the other day which is about how the game of baseball CHANGED. Billy Beane the GM for the Oakland A’s wasn’t concerned as much about





He wanted to change the way the game was played.

The game had gotten so off balance that only the teams with big bucks had a chance to compete.

I feel like this has happened today in our economy. The companies with the big bucks have the chance to compete and Others do not until the

INTERNET was born!!

I believe the Internet gives anyone the opportunity to make a living if their creative enough.

Now a person can start their own company for less then $50 on the internet and the


It the past it would take thousands of dollars to start a traditional business and what would happen if it failed?

They would loose everything.

What happens if a web business fails?

Big deal you’re out $50. Then you open another and another until it succeeds.

It’s beautiful!

I believe the Internet has

Changed the way LIFE IS PLAYED!

If a person has enough FOCUS and COMMITMENT. They can be successful making a living on the internet.

All the Best!


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