Compete with an Internet GIANT?

Compete with an Internet GIANT?

On Google how are the top 12 selected for the first page ?

It’s all based on the survival of the fittest. Natural Selection. The strongest site gets to the top and so forth.

It’s all according to certain rules. The main ones are:

  • Backlinks – How many other sites have links pointing to your site? The big boys have 1,000’s.
  • How long the site has been around.
  • Format. It has to be organized in a certain way.

So if you’re just started out. How can you compete?

Compete with an Internet GIANT?

It can be done the traditional way by making your weaknesses strong by bulking up lifting a bunch of weights and drinking protein shakes.


You can build an army by partnering with others that have strengths that you don’t have.

It’s the same concept as physically building a home yourself


Hire it all out and just manage the building of it.

The choice is yours…

 Spend a lot of time building it manually


Build it using technology.

1st Challenge – Credibility of your website?

Solution: Get 1000’s of backlinks to your site using software.


2nd Challenge– Just started out with a new site?

Solution: Buy a seasoned domain for your site that been around for a while.


3rd Challenge – How to Compete with the Giants?

Solution: Compete with Keywords that are not so competitive using software.

We are here to help!

Ren and Hiedi

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