Jobs for People with Disabilities

Jobs for People with Disabilities

What if there was a way for People with Disabilities to make a great living for themselves on the INTERNET? That would change everything for them.

 To be able to wake up and feel important.

To feel like you’re accomplishing something each day.

To make a difference.

To not have to rely of others for support.

I believe the Internet is the answer. I don’t quit know the details yet but I’m close to a solution that will help the handicap make a living on the Internet.

So why would I care about People with Disabilities?

I’m not handicap. None of my family is handicap. Why does this ring in my soul to somehow help those with disabilities?

 I’ll tell why.

I should be a paraplegic today but some how through the grace of God I’m not.

Have you ever just had one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong? You feel just sorry for yourself.

Why aren’t things going right me?

Why isn’t God answering my prayers?

Why can’t I seem to get ahead?

Why is life so hard for me?

Why does everyone else seemed to be blessed but me?

Has God forgotten about me?

Then I go to the grocery store. At the checkout there’s a father with his children in a wheel chair that has no use of his body. He can’t even pull groceries off the shelf. His children are at his side. Their minds seem so full and heavy. They don’t look at anyone in the eyes but their eyes dart around nervously because they know everyone is looking and feeling sorry for them.

What a slap in the face this is to me. How could have I thought that my life was so bad.

What do I have to complain about? I have the use of my body.

I can run.

I can ride my bike.

I can hold my children.

I can hold my wife.

I can do all those things that this Man can’t.

Then I’m ashamed of myself for thinking I had it so bad. Then I go home grateful that I’m not them and go on with my life.

But then what?

What am I doing to help those less fortunate than myself? I just ignore all the blessing I’ve been given and go on with my life never doing something about it until NOW.

I don’t know how it will involve or the details. I just know some how, some way it WILL HELP THOSE WITH DISABLITIES through the INTERNET.

More of my Story…

April 2000 I nearly became paralyzed from the neck down. My spine was slowly closing off my spinal cord. The doctor told me that it was a miracle that I was able to walk into his office because of how bad the x-ray was.

He cancelled all his appointments the next day for emergency surgery on my neck. It was so severe that I had to stay awake while they put the oxygen tube down my throat.

I was asked to wiggle my toes to determine who was liable the Doctor or Anesthesiologist if I became paralyzed. The Doctor then made an incision on my throat, removed my adams apple and replaced the broken vertebra with a cadaver bone then screwed in a metal plate to hold it together.


I’m extremely lucky today to live a normal life and have children. Others havent been as fortunate. This experience is why I want to give back and help those with disabilities in some way.

All the Best!

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