Q and A

What do you do?

I do Online Marketing. I help anyone no matter their background learn how to market any company on the Internet.

What are the main types of marketing you use on the Internet?

  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Payper Click

What do you market for?

  • I’m a partner with Family IQ for my primary business.
  • I’m a partner with My Lead System Pro (MLSP).
  • I’m an affiliate for various companies and marketing tools that I use.

 When I use to build homes. I needed various tools to build it (nail gun, hammer, tape measure, saw etc…). Each tool did a very specific thing. I couldn’t build a home with just a hammer. I also hired various experts to help me (electrician, plumbing, drywall etc…). This is the same thing I do on the internet but with web marketing tools (i.e. website, ads, auto-responder, keywords, backlinks etc…)

What do you mean partner?

It’s like any partnership where I take more of an active role. For example for FIQ I know the ins and out of their program. I take an active role with all aspects of it. It’s like being a sales agent (partner) for Re-Max versus just a referral agent (affiliate) for Re-Max.

What do you mean an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is like a referral agent for Re-Max. I would refer a bunch of people who are looking to buy a home to a Re-Max sales agent. If a buyer I refered buys a home through them. I get paid a small commission on what the Re-Max sales agent makes. The sales agent makes the bulk of the commission for doing all the work and the referral agent makes a small percentage for finding the buyer through his Marketing efforts. An affiliate is icing on the cake. Partnering is the actually cake.

What do you spend most your time on each day?

For now most of my time is spent building my foundation or website which is the hub for everything. It basically directs traffic. In a traditional sense. The website is like physical store that is organized in a simple way with isles and products that people need. After their cart is filled up they pay the cash register etc… The website is set up the same way except it’s all online. Once my website is set up. Most my time will be spent increasing the amount of traffic to my website in a massive way. 

Do you sale Family IQ?

Yes, if it makes sense for someone but mostly I help people learn how to market on the Internet any company they are currently involved with through MLSP.

What if a person doesn’t have a company to Market?

I show them how to find a company that makes sense for them. It’s not a 1 size fits all. It’s all about what a persons passion is. If a person like technology. Then they ought to partner with a technology company. If they like cloths then partner with a clothing company. I then show you how to do the online marketing for it.

I keep hearing a lot about Direct Sales and MLM (multi-level marketing). Is that what this is all about?

No, it’s all about how to market on the internet. I have many friends that have traditional web businesses that have nothing to do with MLM or Direct Sales. However there are many good companies that do use internet marketing to promote these.

Out of all the ways to start a business. Why this internet model?

  • Least amount of capital to start
  • Can do it part time if I have other commitments.
  • No employees required
  • Tax benefits.
  • I can live anywhere.
  • If one web biz doesn’t work out, I just start another one until it succeeds.
  • Sky is the limit with Success.

What is a capture Page?

It’s a webpage that a person goes to that may me interested in what you’re doing. They opt in to the capture page by entering their name and e-mail and are given access to the presentation. I then follow-up with them in an automated way with an Autoresponder software then sends e-mails to them every few days.