What the …. is wrong with ME?

Ok I was chatting with Chris and Susan Beesley yesterday which by the way was AWESOME!! I met them in Orlando in October. Here’s a little bit of how our conversation went. They were asking what I thought would be a good subject to talk about in an audio they are going to be doing in the future.

Chris and Susan Beasley Pic

There is always the usual subjects of mindset, goal setting, different stategies or whatever. But Im having a bit of a Paradigm Shift at the moment. So bear with me while I formulate my thoughts:)

No here’s for the honestly. I’m coming clean. I’ve been in this from the beginning and I’m going to be blunt with you.

My biggest challenge and I mean MY no one elses has been trying to eat the elephant in one entire bite… Chris Record has a good article about this.


So with anything in life you can’t run before you walk. Elementary school before high school and high school before College.

Now are there exception to this rule? Yes but I swear it’s 1 for every 1,000,000 yet I get a distorted view with what its going to take from the 1.

OK now here’s My background in a nutshell if your bored and want to understand WHY it is you should be listening to me…

Well first because my attempt is for you to learn from my mistakes so you’ll get there quicker then it took me. The other reason is I don’t want you to get frustrated and quit 5’ from the gold and the freedom.

So here goes…

The reality is that in EN 93%+/- of the 155k members havent made any money YET. Why?

The other fact I heard from DW in Orlando was 70% end up dropping out. Why?

Because we are trying to give people a drink of water with a FIRE HOSE?

Drink of water with Firehose

So with every opportunity there is always holes in your bucket and retention is a big factor. Why?

Because it such a pain to have to keep filling that stupid bucket up with water. So the less holes you have the greater your team and the less work you’ll do.

EN is nothing but a HUGE filter that finds the greatest internet marketing leaders in the world. Now if you have this caliber of people under one roof that are collectively sharing idea. Can you imagine where it’s going to be in the future.

Now lets be honest for a second (Tony Rush says this a lot?)

All we really do in this business of ours is filter through all the rocks in order to find the Gold. That’s it. And often times the coal today will be diamonds in the future so it’s a continual process to filter and filter and filter.

Marketing filter Flow landscape

Sometimes I will hear these negative comments from people saying things like.

Oh that doesn’t work or hey everyone look at this other shiny penny

But in reality it does work and has worked for a lot of people that stayed focused on this one thing until it succeeded to a more automated level.

I think what IPAS is doing is huge I also like the 21 day step by step challenge.

OK it’s coming to me so be patient?

It’s a PERSONALLITY PROFILE survey that tells me the type of person you are and the resources that you have to be successful. Family IQ is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

There’s the book about the different love languages that everyone has. There’s the personality colors indicating if your Red, Blue, Yellow or Green. Blue being more creative. Red being more type A.

One size does not fit all

I think all these factors help determine that this whole opportunity that we keep pushing doesn’t have a one size fits all mentality.
I realize IPAS is doing this some what.

The Beesley’s told me that Nicole Cooper has done something similar so you can further research that

So if an 18 year kid comes to me and says he wants to get ALL in. Maybe I should say NO because in the long run he’ll be better off going to elementary school before Harvard! I may say.

“First I want you to do the blog platform and the 8 core steps”

Now once you do this consistanly for 30 days then let’s do X next in an automated way. I want my kids to understand their times tables and long division before I wip out the calculator.

Sorry you caught me on a rant:) I’ll let u go. Thanks for listening.


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