Worry for my Children is a Blessing

April 13, 2012

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Worry for my Children is a Blessing

I am so grateful that I am a kind and loving Mom.  I love my children and their well being is my biggest concern.  In fact Ren gets a little irritated because my worry for them can be a bit much.

I would do anything to stop harm or pain that is coming their way.  And these babies my gosh, I don’t even know my new little one yet and seeing his face on the monitor yesterday I just wanted to press his chubby little cheeks against mine and tell him I love him, love him, love him and cant wait for him to come home with me where I can take care of him.

So many times I have felt that my worry for my family is a curse that I just need to get over.  But when I look at the alternative. I wonder what a life I would be living if I didn’t feel this deep attachment and responsibility for them.

Would I leave them to go to work if I didnt need to? Would I listen to them and care for their needs?  Would they feel as loved?  So at the end of the day I will take the worry and concern even if it is uncomfortable at times.  It allows me to feel a deeper love and appreciation for them.  The end result is this will keep us together as a happy family.

All the Best!

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