You can’t please Everyone!

November 2, 2012

Ren and Hiedi

You can’t please Everyone!

The other day Hiedi and I changed Max’s teacher for 3rd grade.

 That night his old teacher I’ll call her Miss Kelly came to the house all upset.

Why did you move Max out of my class?

Was it something I did?

Did he think I was mean?

Was I not teaching him properly?

Please tell me!!

At first I started to dance around the whole thing in order to not hurt her feelings. But she was insistent on knowing what it was she did to want us to move Max out of her class.

She kept saying I want to know so that I can make corrections in how I teach.

Finally I said, it has nothing to do with you.

It’s just a gut feeling that Hiedi and I have had that Max needs to be in another class. It’s just not a good fit. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad teacher.

Then I told her about Miss Jones.

She was our daughter Lucky’s (nickname) 4th grade teacher in Utah. She was known as the meanest teacher in the entire school. Parents in our neighborhood would say. What ever you do don’t get Miss Jones. She is so mean.

Well Lucky got Miss Jones for 4th grade and we loved every minute of it. It’s turns out Miss Jones was the best teacher we’ve ever had for our daughter. Not once did we have to remind her to turn in her homework or to study for a spelling test. She was all over it and learned more than ever that year.

The crazy part is that Miss Jones didn’t have all the good kids. She had all the rough ones and the boys out numbered the girls 18 to 4. By the end of the year her class was the top academically. There was no fluff. At first the kids were scared of her but as the year went on they respected her and became responsible students.

Was Miss Jones the best teacher for all my kids? No but for Lucky she was perfect.

So here’s the question?

Should Miss Jones change the way she teaches?


When the principle hires five 4th grade teachers does he hire the same type of teacher for all 5 spots?


He hires different types of teachers for different types of students.

Then I told Miss Kelly again. It had nothing to do with you. It just wasn’t a fit. She said well I just need to know what I can do better so I can change my teaching.

 I said that CRAZY!

Why would I want you to change the way you teach for 1 person in your class. That would drive me insane if I had to teach each person in a different way. There’s no way you can please everyone. She got kind of quit and teary and then left. I felt bad and hope she realizes that it had nothing to do with her.

I think of the quote by Bill Cosby:

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. 

So then I started to think about it.

Heavenly Father (HF) doesn’t need a bunch of clones running around.

He needs unique people that focus on what their good at to make a difference.

I remember hearing in church the concept of making weak things strong. I believe in this concept in the spiritual sense as it applies to challenges we have with certain sins

but NOT with our unique personalities.

HF doesn’t want us all to be the same. What if the only color that existed was green. How boring would the world be without all the other colors?

I don’t believe in making weak things strong!

I believe in making STRONG things STRONGER.

Forget about my weaknesses.

I’ve played the guitar since I was 12. I love it! All my guitar teachers would try to get me to read regular music.

I hated it and had the hardest time reading music but I loved listening to music and then playing it. I could learn a song in a matter of minutes that would have taken me hours to learn with regular music.

Here’s my point:

Focus on your strengths and let your weaknesses melt away. Don’t try and be someone you’re not because it will cloud who you really are. This is the whole concept of becoming your highest and best self. The person you were meant to be. God’s highest potential for you and then allow others to do the same.

All the Best!

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